Second Story Man

SSM Releases:
Stories split EP - Landmark 1999
Weddings, Parties, Sympathy EP- Landmark 2000
Pins and Needles LP - Landmark 2002
Red Glows Brighter EP - Landmark, 2006
Screaming Secrets LP - Noise Pollution, 2009

"Write A Note" Cheap Thrills vol. 2 2001
"This Day" Louisville is for Lovers 2002
"Babies Come from Birds" Louisville is for Lovers 2003
"Six Month Coffee" Louisville is for Lovers 2004
"This is Right" Louisville is for Lovers 2005
"Wants the Cold" Louisville is for Lovers 2006
"Darlin' Always Once" The Way Things Change- Red Square 7" EP and The Mother Lodge- A tribute to the Rudyard Kipling, 2003 double CD
"Floor Falls Out" Louisville Halloween- Noise Pollution 2002
"Letter to Be" Copper Press #28 2006
"Want Within the Need" Ear X-Tacy Holiday Sampler, 2009
"Lay Down and Die"- Kinghorse Tribute Album, 2010
"Riding" - Palace Brothers Tribute Album, 2013

Current Members:
Evan Bailey- guitar and vocals
Jeremy Irvin- bass
Carrie Neumayer- guitar and vocals
Drew Osborn- drums

Former Members: Kelly Scullin, Justin Schotter-Davis, Mike Snowden

2011 and a half. we're having a good time, having a good time.



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