You can hear the freewheeling spirit of Eminem in Dev's music today. She's the feathery, rhythmic voice behind the platinum, worldwide # 1 smash, "Like a G6". In March 2011 alone, Dev could be heard on a staggering three singles ("Like a G6," "Bass Down Low," "Backseat") on Billboard's Hot 100.
"A lot of people where I'm from don't get opportunities like that," says the singer, raised in Manteca, in Northern California's Central Valley. On a fluke, when she was just shy of 19, Dev recorded a dis record about an ex-boyfriend over an Amy Winehouse instrumental. The Cataracs—then, a local hip hop duo—happened to be surfing their fans sites. The song caught their attention. "I sing really soft and weird," Dev says, "but if you listened to what I was singing…I was talking a bunch of shit."

Darnaa was born and raised with 9 siblings in Sacramento California . As a child she was abused by her mother and some of her brothers. When she was 16 her father forced her into a pre-arranged marriage with a sailor.

Darnaa's music, lyrics and passionate vocals tell the outrageous story of her struggles and more importantly, her ability to overcome them — from child abuse to battling and surviving cancer.

Darnaa's first official music video "Runaway" is a sobering but triumphant statement about the seemingly hopeless reality of an abused 11-year-old girl.

The message in her song is that young girls and boys in abusive situations must not silently endure it. While Darnaa personally chose to run away from her home repeatedly, she encourages other children experiencing abuse at home to speak up and tell an adult outside of the home about it.

"Child abuse should not be endured by anyone," says Darnaa. "I want to empower people! She continues, "My life hasn't always been, what you would consider normal. Far from it actually, but I used my music and writing as a way to cope and now I want to share it with others."

Darnaa knows first-hand that, as lonely and afraid as an abused child may feel, there are people they can trust and who will help to end and treat child abuse. Concerned adults can go to for information on how they can help. End child abuse now!

"Runaway" was initially released in ten cities, climbing as high as #2 in North Carolina station WRSV-FM and into the top 40 in six of the ten cities per MediaBase weekly. Digital Tracking Service rated Runaway #1 in Internet Radio Spins of Top 50 Indie Artists and #20 on the Top 200 Internet Radio Spins.

Darnaa started generating worldwide interest after releasing a cover and YouTube video of R.E.M.'s "Everybody Hurts," dedicated to the victims and families of the 9/11 tragedy. She went on to cover The Dixie Chicks "Not Ready to Make Nice" and gained a strong YouTube following after the release of her music video for the song. Almost 225,000 people have shared the videos. In less than a month, Darnaa has gained over 60,000 twitter followers and has risen as high as #1 in the Reverb Nation ranking of New York Indie Artists and #6 in the National rankings.

Kid Sister is Chicago. She makes rap music and works at a children's clothing store slanging bibs and teething rings. Yes, her hype man J2K of Flosstradamus is her real brother, and yes that does rule. Together they took the Chi-town music scene by storm, rocking parties and causing all around dancefloor mayhem. This was followed by tours with Kanye West's DJ A-Trak (one of her main producers and co-owner of Fool's Gold Records). 2006 found Kid Sister selling-out shows from Chicago to Paris, including an appearance at the Pitchfork Music Festival. The media responded favorably, with features on MTV ("My Block"), Pitchfork, i-D Magazine, XLR8R, the New York Times, Billboard and the cover of URB's "Next 1000" issue, among others.

Building on the strength of this early buzz, Kid Sister hit the studio and released two singles on Fool's Gold ("Control" and "Pro Nails"). Frequent international touring followed throughout 2007, including an appearance at Coachella, a sold out show at SXSW, and a full US tour with her fellow labelmates. Kanye West also took notice, adding a verse to her "Pro Nails" single (which he released on his "Can't Tell Me Nothing" mixtape) and appearing in the music video, which quickly became an MTV favorite.
With her Downtown/Fool's Gold full-length debut on the way featuring A-Trak, Xxxchange of Spank Rock, and others on production duties, Kid Sister is taking this.

Press on Kid Sister:

"Updating L'Trimm's old-school style for post-Lil' Kim times, this tiny diva spins rhymes about Baby Phat and guys who won't quit calling." – ROLLING STONE

"Thank God: another female MC-In a word, awesome."—BILLBOARD

"As cool as ice cream on a summer day-her true claim to (future) fame is a mix of hip-hop, pop, and electronica that will surely launch the bi-racial 20-something-year-old out of obscurity and into the light with her debut album." – BLACK BEAT

"Clean-burning, spitfire flow, bursting with fly-girl bravado, punch lines and club hollers." -REMIX MAGAZINE

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