Smoovie Baby

Smoovie Baby is quickly proving to be an artist to watch in the Bay Area hip hop scene. Beginning his rap career at the young age of 12, this artist has been delivering music that has kept the Bay Area buzzing. At 20 years old, Smoovie Baby joined Tha FlatLinerz, jumpstarting his presence in the industry, before he took his success into a solo career. The rapper/producer/songwriter has collaborated with Bay Area heavyweights such as IamSu, Mistah FAB, LoveRance, Erk The Jerk, Kool John, Kafani and more. He is also aligned with breakout superstar Sage The Gemini (Gas Pedal, Red Nose) under the Black Money imprint. Smoovie Baby's newest single, "Drank Up", promises to be the next hot sound to represent the Bay.

Show Banga is a artist who gives you energy and makes records you can have fun to. Born and raised in San Francisco,CA he has seen alot growing up as a kid so you can hear the passion & pain in the music. After the 10th grade he moved out of San Francisco due to bad behavior and being around the wrong crowd. While attending Pinole Valley High he met IamSu , P - Lo , Cheif , & Keefy and they started a group called the Go-Gettaz. This was the start of taking music that much more serious and linking up with those guy helped him see how good he really was. From there he went on to make mixtape after mixtape building a good buzz on the Internet and getting his name out there. In 2011 he made the Bay Area freshmen list . In 2012 Big Von of KMEL premiered his song " Shots Fired " and it became a big record for him and caught alot of attention on the local hip hop scene. Recently Show Banga dropped his mixtape called " Dont Stop Votin " with features from Sage The Gemini , IamSu, Clyde Carson , and more be on the lookout for more new stuff in 2014 and beyond.

Troy (of Legends Live Forever) is a San Francisco Native Born & raised in the Fillmore district. Troy is currently 1/4 of the Group Legends Live Forever formed in 2006. They have released a Total of 7 Mixtapes throughout the Bay Area & are looking to continue to represent The Fillmore & San Francisco as a whole! Working with Artist such as Big Rich, Bailey, Jay Ant, and a host of other Bay Area representatives has given Troy his respect amongst those he has come in contact with.

With the host of mixtapes from the group Legends Live Forever such as "Againsts All Odds" which was featured on as well as selling hard copies in stores such as Amoeba & Rasputin which featured the 2008 hit "Lean" which received over 250k views on worldstarhiphop. To the "None Like Us" series which brought you "Rose Petals" (also on worldstarhiphop ) and a host of other great songs that blessed the ears of listeners.

Troy has strived to grow as an artist every project which has lead him to releasing his Debut Solo project "Til Death Do Us Part" which released June 2013.


Certain artists can transcend from strangers to vicarious big brothers to in just a few short lines. On “Easy,” Berkeley, California’s Symba raps, “All I thought in life was dollars / Never got to see Nirvana / Before my bitch looked like Madonna / I was just try’na make my father / Angry that he had left me for growin’ up, me and Mama / Was what forced me to look at rappers like ‘These niggas my father.’” Symba, which has stood for “Young King,” centuries before Disney’s animated protagonist, was certainly raised on the type of Hip-Hop that was unafraid to be brutally self-critical, evident in lines touching on mis-education and ambition at once. “The main thing I try to do is to talk about what I don’t like about myself more than what I like about myself,” explains the wise 23 year-old. “It gives insecurity its own type of voice. That way, they can see what I’m going through, and know they’re not alone.” That type of motivational music will be coming out late 2013 in the form of the New Jack City-inspired 5-song EP Young Nate Nino and in 2014 with the follow-up debut album II More Words, which features Nipsey Hussle, Mistah F.A.B, and Ray J, among others.


Deltrice Thorner the daughter Of Steven Thorner; A preacher & Tish Thorner; a choir director, was born in San Francisco, California. She has had to sing, dance, act and generally show the charisma she has since the tender age of three and it has lead her to stardom. Steve and Tish Thorner realized their precocious daughter was something special when tish handed the girl a microphone when she was little singing with the junior choir. After getting out of school Deltrice became a clothing designer but then she set off for fame in order to show off her talent. She worked with lady lust on some songs, then she tried out for American Idol & made it to the second round only to be told she "Wasn't Kelly Clarkson enough." That itself was enough to motivate Deltrice so she moved on and tried out for "The Road to Stardom." She awoke one night from a nap and overheard Missy Elliott's plea for talent. She went on the web site and they said auditions were held the next day in L.A. With her parent's blessings, the assertive woman flew out with a friend, only to find thousands lined up around the block at the auditions. When Missy got to her, her friend says "she sings." Missy told her to sing so she did. Critics say she has great passion in her voice and she made it to the final show. She made it though all ten episodes, but her best friend while on the show (Jessica Betts) won it all.

Lyrical Tone

Lyrical Tone comes from the Fillmore District of San Francisco, California and has seen it all. Deciding to take a shot at Rap Music in 2005, Lyrical Tone created the music group Legends Live Forever consisting of 3 Rappers and 1 Singer. Since 2005 Legends Live Forever as a whole has released 1 Album and 6 Mixtapes as well as working with scores of artist from San Francisco and around the Bay Area. In 2013 Lyrical Tone decided to challenge himself more as an artist and dropped his first ever solo project March 6, 2013 entitled "Live Forever Vol. 1" which also features 1st ever production from Lyrical Tone. "Some are destined to succeed and some are determined to succeed". Lyrical Tone believes just that, and has since released his second solo project, "Live Forever Vol. 2", with 7 of the 13 tracks produced by Lyrical Tone. As well as the final part to the "Live Forever" series "Live Forever Vol. 3" released May 13th 2014.

Tonka Boy Dre

Northern California has always been known as one of the most diverse places in the United States, culturally, ethnically and financially, and of course this goes even more for the music scene, especially Hip-Hop. Having produced some of the best talent from many genres of music, but with many ups and downs, and in rap specifically, years past the fledgling Mobb era of the 90’s and the failed Hyphy era of five years ago, it’s a new day and it’s time for a fresh start. Tonka Boy Dre is an artist hoping to be one of the leaders for the next generation of musical talent coming out of the Bay Area.

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