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Cloud Control

Hey, we're Cloud Control. We met in High School. We grew up in the Blue Mountains and we always get asked about that. It might influence us a little bit being from there, maybe it just makes us more chilled. We got together to enter a band competition and we weren't that great but somehow there was always something that kept us going – community radio, local clubs, friends we made on the scene and the desire to make a record that we would listen to.

In 2011 our first album Bliss Release won the Australian Music Prize (like the Mercury but more antipodean) and we've been touring ever since. In the last year we played at festivals like Reading, Leeds, SXSW, Latitude, Field Day, Splendour in the Grass and more all over the world. Apart from going it alone we've supported some really great bands like Vampire Weekend, Arcade Fire, Local Natives, Supergrass and The Drums.

"The psyched-out artwork and the "free 1960s fonts" logo on Cloud Control's debut album, 2011's Bliss Release (also: the title), pretty much told you what was going on inside the box before you heard a note: their woozy Tame Impala-meets-Fleet Foxes vibe came as no surprise. What is refreshing is that the first single from the follow-up (Dream Cave, due this fall) sees the band shut its shared third-eye to focus somewhere a little more present: namely, the romantic, professional, and personal fuck-ups of singer Alister Wright. "Dojo Rising" is a fine downer hymn, a small, grey, circling cloud of tremulous guitar and steady, splattering cymbals. ... Dream Cave is released in the U.S. on September 17 via Votiv." --Pitchfork

Inspired by chance encounter, Avers was formed over the course of ten nights of writing and recording–an absence of expectation, and the beauty of an unexpected result.

Chemistry, a substance generally cultivated on rare occasion, materialized instantly while members James-Lloyd Hodges (Farm Vegas), James Mason (The Mason Brothers), Adrian Olsen (Hypercolor), Alexandra Spalding (Lost in the Trees) and Tyler Williams (The Head and The Heart) explored ideas and sounds that resulted in their debut album, Empty Light. Within the confines of a two-hundred-year-old farm that houses Montrose Recording (Richmond, VA), ghosts echoing from a Flickinger console once owned by Sparklehorse; fires burned until first morning light. Five new friends trusting in the unexpected, following the creative tide. These elements reveal the heart and soul of the band itself.

Avers is defined by creation within a moment – a trust that music recorded so close to its inspiration has a certain magic that is valid/rare in a world of over-thought perfection. Their debut spans a psychedelic spectrum of musical light; ethereal, cathartic, and illuminated from within by raw emotion, blending the aural colors which fill the space of Empty Light.

Royal Shoals

In 2012, Philadelphia’s Royal Shoals (members of the Ropers, Saturday People, and Public Record) paddled their surfboards out onto a loch and tactfully rode the wake of British post-punk back to shore. To be sure, the waves of their jangly and harmonic predecessors still feed the sound on their latest efforts, but now the waves are swiftly breaking upon the East Coast of the US. This sound is driving home from the Jersey Shore with kinetic urgency and somewhere along the trip the crashing of ocean waves gives way and blends with the rhythms of the El, of electricity, and of waves of every sort. In 2014 the Shoals will emerge from their annual studio retreat (with sound counselor and fellow traveler, Jeff Ziegler) and will present five more songs on their upcoming EP (self-titled, 3rd release).



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