"Good at Bad Decisions: End of the World Holiday and Countdown to Extinction"

Larry Fulford

One part '80s nerd with an affinity for '90s rock and one part political satirist with a penchant for blasphemy, Larry Fulford enjoys reveling in his own geekdom almost as much as he enjoys holding a mirror up to society to show itself how ridiculous it is.

Aside from producing his own independent shows, including "Life's a Gift" with Alex Luchun, Fulford appeared at the Cape Fear Comedy Festival (2013), the Orlando Indie Comedy Festival (2014, 2015), and has had the pleasure of sharing stages with the likes of Brian Posehn, Nick Thune, Creed Bratton (The Office), Jay Chandrasekhar (Super Troopers), and Zach Sherwin (Epic Rap Battles of History).

Additionally, he has contributed humor pieces to Orlando Weekly and Men's Health online and had tweets picked up by Playboy ("Funniest Tweets of the Week") and Uproxx.

Alex Luchun

Alex Luchun

Alex Luchun is a force of nature. A comedy hurricane. And you never know which direction the winds will shift, which is half the fun.

A favorite of both crowds and comics alike, Luchun emerged onto the Central Florida comedy scene in 2010 and, let's keep the weather analogies going, took it by storm. With left-field, nonsensical impressions, sharp observations, and a style once described as "hilarious as it is terrifying," Luchun commands and captivates a room without talking down to it or over its head, but by being its loud, weird friend.

In addition to opening for the likes of Sean Patton, Shane Mauss, and Eddie Pepitone, Luchun has appeared at the Orlando Indie Comedy Festival (2014-16), and, in 2015, co-created and co-hosts "Life's a Gift," a live "game show" combining stand-up, stories, improv, and music that encourages the entire crowd to come out of its shell and live in the moment before the moment is gone.

Because Luchun himself lives by one rule:
"If you love yourself, let yourself go."



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