The Green Gallows, Benja, Masha, Myles, Mary Pogue

The Green Gallows

The Green Gallows were formed in the backlands of Queens some foggy whiskey filled day in summer 2013. Soon after playing there first gig things took off and they haven't stopped since. Headlining venues all across Manhattan, Brooklyn, & Queens The Green Gallows have slowly began the beautiful journey of being a part of the NYC folk/rock/gospel scene. There music stylings rival many folk rock sounds playing stadiums across the country yet they like to stay a lil more blue collar and speak their truth in a much more intimate environment. The energy alone transforms a room.

Masha has a country heart, a heavy metal soul, an independent mind, and an untamed voice that can enchant or shock you. She can purr, but she'd rather growl and tell you the truth you've always known, but tried to hide from yourself. Masha is a rippling stream, an unexpected riptide, a woman who can go with the flow or create her own tsunami. She can illuminate the stage with the force of her personality, or quietly draw you into her confidence with a soft confession that will touch your heart and make you misty. Masha is a singer and a songwriter, a woman who was born to perform.

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