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"Combining the sound of Thin Lizzy, Hawkwind, and Lynyrd Skynyrd with - somehow - just a few average dudes out there to return music to the people that appreciate it, Gypsyhawk is a band's band, a fan's band...and a god damn rock band when rock and roll needs it most. In a time when music is shoveled down your throat, Gypsyhawk backs up the walk (and mabye a little swagger) with rock. The band's first show in their hometown of Pasadena, Calif. yielded an enthusiastic and devoted crowd, showing the promise Gypsyhawk holds in the palm of their hands...well, as soon as this next solo is done. Then they'll have a free hand.... Turn down the lights and turn up the tunes indeed."

"Gypsyhawk, an L.A.-based band intent on recounting and representing the elements that made metal so enjoyable in its infancy: twin guitars, melodic vocals, killer grooves and solos. Lots of solos."

"...They are seriously playing from the heart, and Harris's world-weary vocals belie life experience beyond his years..."-City Of Devils-

"Picture Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple and Slough Feg jamming over brews and doobs behind a wall of amps and twin guitar leads, and you get the idea."

"This is the type of material that makes it clear that, had Gypsyhawk been an obscure and under-acknowledged band actually from the 70's and this their album, it would be considered a stone cold classic and be fetching insane sums on e-bay.... A band to watch, if they can grow from here it's going to get scary good."

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The Phuss play fast, loud, dirty rock and roll. The three-piece from Fort Worth, TX, are best described as Garage Rock- loud as hell with fierce guitar riffs, punchy, raw lead bass, intense vocals, and precision drumming drenched in grease. The band formed in 2008 with front-man and guitarist Josh Fleming and drummer Trey Alfaro, adding bassist Forrest Barton in 2010. The Phuss’s second full length album, produced by Vaden Todd Lewis (Singer and songwriter of legendary Texas band The Toadies) and Robby Baxter (Moby) is full of distorted, loud, but melodic and frightfully sharp, precise rock tunes. “Their talent is overt and arresting. The result is artful and moves at a very real momentum. There is no hyperbole with The Phuss. The trio of musicians affects a posture exactly commensurate with their ability to knife through the room. Their stage strut is a claim made veracious by their impressively tight sound. It is rock and roll in its most crystalline, adrenal seductiveness.” (D Magazine 9-2010) Embarking on a vigorous touring schedule armed with a new killer album and the rabid support of music critics, high profile bands and thousands of loyal fans- 2012 is the year the world gets to meet Dallas’ finest new rock and roll band, The Phuss.


HONEY is a 4-piece rock band from Dallas, TX. Our debut album is currently in the works. We will be sure to keep everyone up-to-date on all shows, events, and everything in between.

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