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Erik Chandler Band

Putting feet in the sand while sitting beneath an umbrella, as not to sunburn, Bocce, Spelling poorly, Complaining about stairs, Drinking of beer, Cooking and general culinary nerdiness.


Alumni from different corners of Deep Ellum in Dallas Tx.
Hess, then Black. Guitar. Drums. Create. Record. Then Gruber. '09. Then Busby. Thunder. Now Descender.

The Demigs

Since 2006 The Demigs have been wooing listeners with their buzzsaw guitars, clever arrangements, and unabashed love for pop music. Hailing from Denton, TX, The Demigs have released two DIY records from their studio, Shady Lane, to more than glowing press - Yardling (2007) and Cities Can Wait (2011). Called "a criminally overlooked jewel of pop artistry" and "without peer" The Demigs are able to combine the intensity and punk spirit of their live shows with albums that are stunning and addictive.

Now under the wing of I Love Math Records, The Demigs are slated to release album #3 in early 2014.



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