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Children Of The Funk

Officially formed in 2010 as a 3 man crew and as of 2013 COF is an 8 man crew consisting of DJ's/Producers Chill Will, Bhorus, HiLo, Yelir, Brainchild, FreaQShow, Big Shawn and BeatsMe. COF will Funk you up.

Telli Prego

Telli Prego of the Gas Mask Colony, The Blacksmiths production team and Mactown Ballhogs. Born and raised in the Sunset District of San Francisco CA, He has set out to bring his own style of Hip Hop to the ever so talented but often ignored SF Hip Hop scene and the rest of the world. He is currently working on his debut solo release titled "Mouthpiece Over Matter", which is expected to be released Summer 2013.

Born and raised in San Francisco's Sunset District, Heat is a lyricist, writer and youth educator that uses his talents and voice to provide guidance and understanding to an audience often forgotten in today's hip hop world.

Big Vic

Victor J. Young was born and raised in San Francisco, Ca. However, also spent a lot of time in Stockton, and Daly City, CA. At an early age he knew he would become a professional in one of the many Self-expression forms of art or become a professional athlete. Due to numerous amount of leg injuries (tendonitis, accidents while playing, and a dramatic car accident at the age of 17) it made it almost impossible to devote all of his time and energy to basketball. Big Vic always had a love for hip-hop but making money has always been his intention (legally and illegally). As he became an adult B.V realized the risk of dirty money was not worth the prison time associated with it, so he tried every possible legal hustle he could find. It took his maternal cousin (Willie Deed IV aka Z to the E) to asked him to turn what he saw on my myspace page into a song called "so 100%" in 2006, then asked B.V to be in it. After Writing then recording the song B.V instantly fell in love with it. Big Vic recently released his first mixtape "The UnReal World" and released his debut video called "the City" which is currently located at bigvicsf.com.

Shark Sinatra

Shark, born and raised in the bay area, has always had music in his blood.. growing up with his moms record player left on, it was only natural that by the time he was in middle school he played percussion and saxophone and in both jazz and woodwind bands.. a huge fan of hip hop and r n' b, Sinatra looks back to when he wrote out all the lyrics to his favorite songs, from Mase to Dangelo.. the musician proved his love of music never stopped evolving into a recording artist of his own 2010 and has not let off the petal since.. after ups and downs in his own life.. the music has become actual true accounts though the eyes of this, 26 year old, artist.. it must be "shark week.. every week"


An SF native once unsure of her course, Cole first had to embark on a pursuit of the soul before she could unquestionably pursue a solo career.
In 2010, armed with little more than a car and an unyielding desire to discover, Cole set out to find her future self; the version of Cole that she would unleash on the world. Luckily for the Bay Area, she didn’t find somewhere new to put roots down but rather discovered a renewed devotion to the city that spawned her.
Not long after her return, Cole dove head first into her singing, where she could both express and feed this newfound awareness and confidence.
Nearly a half decade before her transformative travels Cole co-created the group Baysick in which she got her first taste of recording and performing, working with such artists as TownTroniks, Jahi, Holly Saucy and opening for Mos Def and Zion I. Nearly all of the former members of Baysick have gone on to forge solo projects.
Cole recently completed her first solo album, Metanoia which is set to be released sometime in November.
Her sound echoes the grooving danceability of Robyn with an R&B vocal twist that is at once haunting and spirited. But it’s the original lyrics that make Cole’s music, with all her transformation and growth on display, so captivating. Truly, you will not be able to get her, or her songs, out of your head.


James "TheMobsJEDi" Mabrey 24 year old Hip-Hop Artist born and Raised in San Francisco. JEDi is Most Known for being a Star of the TEAMBACKPACK CYPYHERS. He began his hip hop career in middle school doing talent shows and birthday parties at the same time being a star basketball player and track & field athlete. Through high school he continued to play sports and make music and do shows at school and birthday parties. As he got older he began to take it seriously especially when Armani Cooper, a longtime neighborhood friend contacted him to be apart of the beginning of the biggest hip hop cypher movement, the TeamBackPack Cyphers and its been history ever since. Jedi has been on college tours up and down the west coast and puts a lot of energy in his performances and burns up the stage. His rhymes come from the heart n he stresses realness and being true to oneself. He also adds in hood politics, real politics and educational facts about REAL history. He's a product of his environment so of course he talks about whats going on in the hood, too. His versatility makes his shows spectacular; he makes you turn up, dance, listen to lyrics, and you also can learn a few things from him.

Ari "Dreidel" (pronounced Dray-Dell) Simon is a San Francisco native that has always been an avid lover of wordplay and hip hop. He ventured into making his own music back at Lowell high school when his friends encouraged him to take his rhymes off paper and put them on wax. His style is self described as $ophisticated Ignorance, making music where one can go stupid but stay refined at the same time. About 2 years ago, Dreidel linked up with a collective of Bay Area artists calling themselves Diamond Lifestyle/ Free West, and has been performing and recording with them ever since.

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