Radical Action

Radical Action


Blind Strike

Blind Strike is a Fort Collins alternative rock band with solid melodies, driving rhythms, and a high energy performance. Starting as Cody Jeffryes and Mason Mondy in 2009, they added Dan Sanborn to be a three piece, and later Paul Kelly complimented the trio. The end result is a band with many influences and an original rock sound.

Mason - Drums
Daniel - Bass
Cody - Guitar and Vocals

Maddy Ellwanger

Maddy Ellwanger is a quirky, clever and controversial entertainer with thought provoking lyrics that match her outlandish yet catchy music. Influenced by multiple music genres and musicians from Marilyn Manson to Marina and the Diamonds, Jack White to Pierce the Veil, her music is nearly impossible to pin to one specific sound. She creates a brilliant and shocking atmosphere that you will always remember.

Honeytree Whiskey

Three musicians decided that with their powers combined they could create great music full of emotion, catchy hooks, tasty licks, and folky goodness. Thus Honeytree Whiskey was formed.

Imaginary Points

In the heart of the fiery American Midwest, Imaginary Points met the devil at a crossroads. They asked for a bottle of whiskey and no additional musical talent.



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