Step Rockets

Step Rockets

Hailing from the Twin Cities, Step Rockets is an indie rock band exploring psychedelia, modern hooks, and worldly grooves. The foursome's sound could best be described as The Flaming Lips and The Clash playing at a MGMT party.

A Step Rocket is a multi-stage firing rocket that discards used charges. The name aptly describes the groups willingness to meld new sounds and styles while borrowing from genres such as Electronic Dance Music, New Wave, and Reggae. It is a cosmic recycling of past, present, and future music aimed to defy description.

While making a bid to be the first band to play on the moon, the group is currently working on their second single release "Kisser" while playing a variety of shows in the Mid-West and gearing up for their first tour this September. Look for monthly shows and Step Rockets debut track "If You Tried".

Early Worm

Sappy STL trio.

Grand House

Long term friends who share a passion for making music.

$8.00 - $10.00


$2 minor surcharge at the door

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