Gorilla Music Presents: The Bold and The Brutal Tour

Comeback Of The Year

Comeback of the Year is a four-member punk band from Ellington, CT, formed in 2012. Since then, the group has dedicated itself to becoming known in the Hartford area. The drummer and vocalist/guitarist, Spencer LeBel and Alec Marcus, formed the idea for the group, and Sean Millane was added on bass before the start of their sophomore year in high school. After playing several shows with the band, Dominic Barone was officially added on lead guitar, completing the lineup. The group has been working to gain recognition in parts of CT and MA ever since. To date, the band's accolades include winning the 2012 Gorilla Music Hartford Battle of the Bands, winning the BreakThru Music Battle for Warped and playing the Webster Theater Mainstage, and playing the Mass Concerts stage on Warped Tour in Mansfield, MA in 2013.

The Ghost of Otis

Reminiscent of the raw excitement and experimental notions of early Roxy Music albums and the psychedelic landscapes heralded by early Pink Floyd, THE GHOST OF OTIS peppers their debut Hopes And Denials with menacing saxophone and crushing guitar solos, urgent and often angry spoken word and cutting rhythms which together set the foundation for sound that is uniquely their own. The real payoff is when Krista D'Amico's baritone sax plays in perfect harmony with brother Matt's guitar with such immediacy and emotion. "More than anything, we want the album to make people think about what we're saying, about their own lives, about the world around them. Playing music provides us the catharsis we need to exist and persist as individuals. We hope that listeners can find some meaning in it that will then help them to persist with their own ongoing struggle" says drummer Russ Baker. Some records make you happy. Others make you smile. And others make you all tingly inside. This isn't any of those records. This record is gonna make you think. It's a warning. It's gonna make you address some of the unavoidable aspects of your reality. And that's a good thing. Because the world is at stake here friends. The fat lady is singing

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