Rising out of the remains of a half dozen folk-inspired musical endeavors comes Albany, the latest from the Denver-based Ilya Litoshik (Turvy Organ), Corey English (Snubluck), and Paul Simmons (of Common Anomaly). Traversing the middle ground between dark folk and electronica, Albany is a dreamy, druggy trip into the weird minds of its creators. The group sets out to mash together seemingly disparate musical elements into odd, oddly-dance-able tunes. Saturated in reverberating loops and echoing samples, with half-shouted singing and three-part vocal harmonies, Albny's songs are strange waves that pull you under and shake you violently before finally spitting you out.


Water Babys

Our self titled, self released album Water Babys was released in the fall of 2011. We are currently working on a new album and have been since early 2012.



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