Oklahoma's BRONCHO capture the aggression, DIY authenticity and youthful exhilaration of a bygone era and then drag it by the hair into the Here and Now, creating a fresh sound that's unlike anything being played today. With echoes of The Replacements, Iggy and the Stooges and The Ramones, Broncho's exuberant ten song debut Can't Get Past the Lips is a blisteringly cathartic 20 minute flash of gritty, crunching guitar work supported by an assaultive rhythm section and made whole by songwriter Ryan Lindsey's aggressive, yelping vocal work.

Lindsey's vocals and guitar are supported by Johnathon Ford (bass), Ben King (guitar) and Nathan Price (drums). The project began as an off-the-cuff recording session for Lindsey (who also plays keys for Starlight Mints, in addition to performing as a solo artist). He quickly laid down early versions "Pick a Fight" and "Losers" with the assistance of King (Cheyenne) and Price (Native Lights), and then sent them to Ford (Unwed Sailor), asking for feedback. Ford loved the songs so much that he suggested they begin playing shows as a band.

"The next thing I knew, Johnathon had a show booked in Tulsa," Lindsey says.
That first show, a manic, ultra-lean showcase of six songs that clocked in at less than 15 minutes, occurred in February of 2010, since then the band has toured across the U.S. and released their debut album Can't Get Past The Lips to international acclaim.

The collective talent and cumulative experience of all involved with Broncho has resulted in an album that, for all its dirty-dishwater punk roots, is a masterwork of garage/pop simplicity. Speaking of the band's reference points, Lindsey says "We all love the way those records sound so we naturally went in that direction, as far as fidelity goes. But more than anything, it's the attitude of an era that I wasn't around for, but feel a connection with. We didn't set out to recreate a record from that era, we just took on that message and made it our own."

Or, as Ford puts it: "It's not nostalgia, it's natural."

Listen through the ethereal haze that Brass Bed has created on The Secret Will Keep You, and you will find a soulful band suspended in a moment of frustration and anxiety. It's the sort of frustration that comes from growing old and realizing that the light at the end of the tunnel may just be the remnants of some dying star. You were a kid once. Maybe your dad put you on his knee and said "Kiddo, you sure are handsome, smart, and talented. The sky is the limit if you set your mind to it!" Well the truth is, that was kind of bullshit. Chances are, you were only one of those things if any of them at all, and you'll spend your life amid the great unwashed, grasping at whatever straws you can to express a promised individuality that's slowly turning out to be lie. They also didn't tell you that your dream job, your dream girl, your dream you, were really all just that: dreams.The Secret Will Keep You is a cold awakening from that fever dream sound.

After two album cycles playing studio maestros and pop aficionados, the Louisiana quartet found itself confused. On the one hand, it had cultivated an image of playful poppiness, a kind of 21st century mop topped fuzz rock that sought to dilute the dourness of their records lyrics with saccharine pieces of earcandy. Sent through the band's itchy live energy, the songs became faster, trashier, and splendidly erratic, creating a disconnected identity between studio and stage. As they settled down to make their 3rd LP, they were determined to ditch the obtuse lyrics, playground song craft, and squeaky precision and bare their teeth, plaque and all. The result is a maddening blend of swirling, biting psychedelia, at once as pensive as a black hole and explosive as a dying star. A universe of guitar feedback and deconstructed keyboard beds pulling the listener apart in the gravity of full analog stereo.

The band recorded The Secret in a single 10 day session with Danny Reisch at Public Hi Fi Studios in Austin, Texas, putting everything down live to tape. The compressed schedule and quick change recording methods helped Brass Bed capture the anxiety, humor, and honesty that is the molten core of this record and also the spirit of the band at the time of its creation.

From the wry and acerbic indictment of faith in "Cold Chicory" to the pleading lonesomeness of "I Guess I'll Just Sing" to the outright romantic frustration of "A Bullet For You," the album invites listeners to join the band as they traverse what lies between joy and regret, bliss and distress. These creations are still living, breathing things and that Brass Bed will only inject with more life and spirit as they continue to grow as writers and musicians. Catch up with them now before they leave you in their considerable wake.

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