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Chain Link Stains

The stains get bored easily. They're bored with louder, bored with faster, bored with lowest pitches and highest skills. Don't get them wrong, it's NOT about moderation-- it's about making music that can't be pinned down so easily. It's about throwing jazz beats and Spanish sections into close-quarters combat with punk restlessness and garage rock danceability. Yeah, sometimes the stains think less is more. But they know sometimes fuckin MORE is more. They know sometimes it's march time and sometimes it's waltz time. But it's always war. And they've always got a plan...
It's no coincidence that they've only got three members-- not by chance that their album is only seven songs. It isn't random that they dropped an album in the godawful heat of an NC July, called it Cloud 9, and started it with a track called "Summer." Nothing is accidental. The stains' perfectionist way of working is balanced by the use of private and humble ways of making their stuff exist.
But yes, the album art means something. Yes, all of the lyrics mean some things. Yes, the stains are familiar with the popular idea that nothing is really original.
They just don't think that's an excuse to not even try.

Little War Twins

Boston native Gaetana Brown is an acoustic singer-songwriter with a strong grasp for the indie-folk aesthetic. Her songs are flush with graceful simplicity and eloquence, comparable to the likes of Bob Dylan and Lou Reed. She is all about keeping her performances full of expression and personality that is sure to hit the audience straight in their hearts.

The Spice of Life

The name comes from the saying "Variety, is the spice of life." We play and experiment with a wide range of different genres from heavy metal to funk/rock/reggae which creates our own unique sound.

Matt the Movies

songs from singer/guitarist of Hoverboard. has also played in Planet Piss, Sister Fister, and Ma'am.



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