Chris Webby

Chris Webby

"My name is Christian Webster. I'm from the suburbs of Connecticut. I rap. Real fucking good if you ask me. Better than you at least. I went to private school. My A.D.D. is a serious problem. I've been prescribed every type of medication under the sun…I still can't focus for shit. I go to Hofstra University in Long Island…and it's the shit. Some people say I need to go to rehab. I don't think so. I love women. Facebook me ladies.

For real though.

I also love sneakers and fitteds. I wish I had enough money to own more, but I'm broke as shit. I eat bacon, egg, and cheese every morning. I'm a big fan of the Ninja Turtles. And the Lion King…that's my shit. I have Simba tattooed on my leg. I like tattoos a bunch too. I enjoy 40′s and blunts. I have a little white fluffy bichon frise named Molly. She's ill. I wish I had Wolverine's super powers. Hmmm. I think that I

$20.00 - $23.00


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