Young Diamond + Le Chev = Narcisse
Chicago roots, Italian boots. Currently living in NYC/LA. Club music for life.

Young Diamond
5' 10"
150 lbs
Brown hair. Green eyes.

Le Chev
5' 9"
160 lbs
Brown hair (currently dyed blond). Blue eyes.


From meeting in their Bushwick apartment for the first time in 2011; Davey Partain and Chuck Flores soon became fast musical accomplices in what soon became Aeon Rings
The love for 80's synth new/darkwave and more modern hard hitting electro anthems fueled their passion to create the freshest dark electro music out today.

Melody and intensity are the primary factors that set the mood for Aeon Rings outstanding live performances with imagery reminiscent of Blade Runner,Tron, and the soundscapes to match. All while giving a big nod to sounds that reflect Clan of xymox, Depeche mode as well as Ladytron and other electronic pioneers.

With a seamless blend of hooks, melodies and dark intensity. They've been welcomed by a vast range of audiences as well as great response by Internet radio.


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