Help Haiti - by Chasing

Help Haiti - by Chasing

Chasing Eden International is a non-profit organization that seeks to restore people to walk in right relationship with the Lord and to rebuild their living environment into a sustainable and healthy community that provides basic needs.
We exist to restore and rebuild neglected and poverty stricken communities. We desire to empower individuals to be a part of the journey of providing hope to the poor, orphaned, and the forgotten. We believe in restoration. Join our journey.
Our goal is to work with communities that lack essentials for survival, and to restore those communities by providing education, food, water, clothing, hygiene, health care and meeting other needs that those individuals are lacking. Our means of doing this is to develop a network of supporters that are connected to the needs of the international communities we are restoring. We coordinate child sponsorship’s, village sponsorship’s, various development projects, missions trips, and other future opportunities relating to the long-term benefit of these communities.

After Midnight

This four-piece from Tulsa, AfterMidnight came to be a little over a year ago. Since their beginning they have been synthesizing their sound more and more as four musicians from different backgrounds with the goal of creating one defining sound that can only be known as AfterMidnight. Since the release of their self-titled EP they have taken more time to work hard and outdo what they have already created, by creating something new, bold, and fresh - with sound that when you are finished listening leaves you feeling like you took a dip in cold, clean water. They have begun to write and record music for their first full length album, aiming to compose something rich with celestial melodies, infectious guitar, polished rhythms, thick textures and full of deep, though provoking lyrics. With a captivating, magnetic musical current AfterMidnight will leave you with a rhythm and a sway that will pull you through the night with bright lights.



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