The Woes, Elk City

The Woes

The Woes band based out of New York City, formed in 2002 by frontman Osei Essed and his long-time collaborator Cicero Jones. Their sound is a mix of blues, country, and folk, topped off with Essed's gruff voice, often compared to that of Tom Waits. Other than Jones, are or have been students at SUNY Purchase's Conservatory of Music.

First appearing on a sampler from Essed's own label, Blacksand, they since have released an EP, Coalmine, recorded in 2004 with Dan Romer of the Fire Flies. They are currently finishing up their first full-length album, That Coke Oven March, again working with Romer, with artwork by Karin Bumiller. They are also working on film music for Spirit of '79, a documentary about the American agricultural movement, made by Keith Maitland for Illegalfilms. The documentary also features interviews and songs by Willie Nelson and Arlo Guthrie.

Elk City

Old Monk

The two founding members of Old Monk were separated by thousands of miles when they began writing their first EP. It took years of swapping answering machine recordings and exchanging lo-fi demos over the internet to complete. The successful collaboration finally convinced drummer Ian Burns to leave his native Colorado, joining guitarist Joshua Carrafa in Brooklyn. The two honed down their project into a set of concise pop songs with the raw energy of garage rock and the musical proficiency of classic prog. Deciding they must showcase their new music around Brooklyn and Manhattan, the two enlisted bassist Tsugumi Takashi and dubbed their project Old Monk. Old Monk has recently recorded its debut album, Birds of Belize.

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