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Gape was started at first as a joke between Jimmy Kelly (Guitarist of the former Public Noise) and vocalist James Misina. Very quickly, the band was formed after fellow friends and High School classmates Joe O'Donnell (bass), Ben Villano (guitar), and Adam Badgley (drums) decided to try it out. After a few practices, Villano wasn't feeling it, being replaced by current guitarist Jordan Mormello.

What began as a joke quickly became reality. Gape began by writing 2 songs and learning a cover or two. With a very small setlist and no fan base, they began playing very small local shows. After only having a taste of what the band had in store, many friends began attending shows. Eventually they had a decent amount of fans in the Philadelphian suburbs.

Gape released Shadows EP on February 4th, 2014. Due to quality issues, it's looked at by the band as more of a demo than a legitimate release. When their debut album is recorded, they intend to re-record the songs from Shadows EP, along with other songs that they are excited to release.

Gape has played at venues such as the Trocadero Mainstage and the Legendary Dobbs, along with other small local venues. They are known for their energetic stage presence and energetic music, and are currently attempting to make a career out of a passion that the members all share: playing kick ass rock music.


Before Transonic there was Headroom, a funk rock band with big dreams and a passion for music. Don Diehl founded Headroom in early 2002 with the hopes of spreading his zest for life to all who listened to his moving lyrics and rhythmic beats. In 2006, however, Don was diagnosed with cancer and passed that same year. Damon (guitarist) and Mike (drums) were devastated by the death of their lead and bassist, but most importantly their close friend. With the loss of Don, Damon and Mike struggled with the idea of continuing to create music. They both knew, however, that Don would have wanted the music to continue. In 2009 Damon and Mike embarked on reshaping the legacy of Headroom. Pranay (singer) and Marc (Bassist) were discovered through local ads and a new band formed, Transonic. The members were different, but Don's sound and musical feel were still alive. Drawing from different backgrounds and influences, all who listen are reminded that both life and music move at a Transonic speed, so enjoy the ride.



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