The Jekylls

The Jekylls

"What happens if you mix two Hollyfelds, two Railbenders and a Sunday Girl? You get The Jekylls!
We play '60's influenced pop/rock, featuring strong female vocals, a solid backbeat and hints of surf and country guitars.

Formed the summer of 2011, The Jekylls have been making quite an impression on the Denver music scene. The Jekylls feature Eryn Hoerig on lead vocals and tenor guitar, Tony Asnicar on lead guitar, Graham Haworth on drums, Keith Hoerig on bass, & Jody Rodney on backing vocals & various.

The Jekylls have opened for national acts including Los Straitjackets, Allison Krauss, JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound, and Clairy Browne and the Bangin' Rackettes. We've also shared bills with illustrious Colorado acts like the Railbenders, The Hollyfelds, Mama Lenny and The Remedy, New Ben Franklins, Sunday Girl, The Patti Fiasco, and many other fabulous bands.

Fans might be surprised to learn that our spiritual adviser is a Basset Hound named Dottie. Also, our music has been prominently featured on over 300 compact discs.

Look for us in 2013 playing anywhere that will let us on stage."

Hot Apostles

Mix 2 parts rhythmic precision, 1 part screaming guitar solos, add in the flair and style of piano and organ and wrap it up in a strong captivating vocal with a pretty smile and you have Hot Apostles. (Tequila optional but advised).
With their self titled debut album released to the public on June 22 2013, Hot Apostles show no signs of cooling down. Since their Denver dive bar birth in late 2011, lead singer Eryn Swissdorf and guitarist/back up vocalist Tay Hamilton have honed their songwriting and vocal harmonizing skills to a sharp point. They pull influences from country, alternative, southern rock and punk but at the same time are none of these things entirely. If you ask any member they will simply say “Rock n Roll”. Still backed by Colorado veterans Stephen Brooks (drums) and Bret Ahroon (bass), Hot Apostles have added keyboardist Jared Fisher to the mix giving the band a whole new edge. With this 11 song creation locked and loaded, Hot Apostles have their sights set on touring more and promoting the hell out of this album. If you are in the Denver area, you may just come across one of them handing out flyers, stickers, download cards or shots of tequila if you are nice. If you are somewhere else in the world, keep an eye out because they will be there soon as well. For show dates, music, misc. information or just to web stalk one of them go online to

Quantum Creep

Denver band. Former members of Lil' Slugger and Vitamins.

$8.00 - $11.00


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