No Difference, Soundwave Nebula

No Difference

An alternative band from Santa Rosa, California.

Sydney: Music has been with me since birth. I've been singing for as long as I can remember. Karaoke, vocal contests, musical theater, choir. You name it. I feel like I was struck by 'lucky lightning,' and it's made me realize how lucky I am to play with such talented band mates. I'm pumped by the existence of expression. I believe that action is not stronger than words. I believe they are equals. And a healthy dose of both leads to amazing music.

Johnny: My Love for music has been a part of my life ever since I can remember. I am passionate about the bass guitar and have been playing for 4 years. When I was a 7th grader, I began playing guitar hero and over time, I discovered that I really wanted to learn how to play the bass. I started taking lessons at Stanroy's music center and improved my skills. Now I have these amazing talented musicians to play with and I am loving every single moment.

James: Music did not touch my life until I played the game Rock Band. I entertain myself with the fact that a video game has been the catalyst for my most powerful passion. Life never seemed to deliver a purpose until I was fortunate enough to come across my fellow band mates ; I am grateful to be experiencing this passion with them by creating music for others to enjoy and be passionate about.

Traffic Jam

We're a teen Pop-Punk/rock band in Sonoma who is looking for gigs. We mainly play covers right now, but we have started writing original music. We're planning on recording an EP in the near future when we have enough fitting material. We have played at numerous events in and around Sonoma including Farmers' markets, and fundraisers. We have also played twice at the Phoenix Theater in Petaluma.
In August of 2012, we won first place a the Sonoma County Fair Battle of the Teen Bands. Although we play mainly electric, we can happily slow things down and play acoustic at more intimate venues.


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