Afton Battle of the Bands, Afton Battle of the Bands

FATMAGIC won the Hollywood Music in Media Award 2011 in Techno/Electronic!

FATMAGIC = an intense fusion of electronica and classical string instruments. The band comprises the beautiful vocalist and cellist, Radina Tara Vel, the mysterious masked man, Madmax Fiddler, and PimpMyDrums.
Native Austrian Max and Bulgarian-born Radina converged in San Francisco 2009 to found a band which drew on both their talents as multi-instrumentalists and their shared interest in musical experimentation. FATMAGIC quickly became a hit and headquarters moved to Los Angeles where the band has been performing for crowds since 2010.

Now on their third European tour, FATMAGIC plays London this July! Touring internationally is important to the band as the impressions gathered along the road oftentimes provide inspiration for new songs. Look for their second album launching this fall!

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