Late Night Reading

Surfacing from suburbia Indiana, pop-punk band Late Nite Reading is quickly climbing up the industry ladder and doesn't show signs of slowing down. After two EP releases and ready for a third, the band has done nothing but spread their name and tour non-stop throughout 2012 & 2013. For being a band just out of high school, they have already shared the stage with an impressive roster of bands such as All Time Low, Cartel, The Summer Set, and Taking Back Sunday.

Originating in the summer of 2009, bassist Brady Szuhaj and vocalist/rhythm guitarist Dalton Wixom joined together from a previous band to start something new. After a number of member changes during the beginning stages of the band, they now have a solid line up. Joining Wixom and Szuhaj is drummer Drew Cottrell and Clayton Collins on lead guitar to create Late Nite Reading.

Working with producers Shep Goodman & Aaron Accetta, the band's much anticipated third EP, Walls, was released on April 26th, 2013. "This experience has been way different than any other writing experience I've ever had," says Szuhaj, "We wrote everything together, lyrics and melodies, the 4 of us really putting ourselves into the songs." When asked about how the band came up with the title Walls, Szuhaj had a clear, yet compelling answer, "It's all about breaking down the things that hold you back".

From fan favorite song "What You Went Through" and the latest single from the band "From the Start", the band is expeditiously improving their music with pop, dance, and feel-good vibes. "There are elements of pop rock, punk rock, alternative rock, pop punk, ambient rock, and bubble gum pop" Szuhaj explains about the bands latest release.

The band is also known to be very personal with their fans. From doing meet and greets when they have days off, to private parties, to just taking the time to talk to fans whenever they have the chance. Fans describe the live shows as "full of energy and feeling extremely personal". Whether it's dual vocals or memorable covers of top hits, Late Nite Reading captures the attention of fans from many different genres. And their fans also mean everything to the band. "Without them, I wouldn't have a reason to make music. They're the only reason we do this" says Wixom in an interview. "We just get to be ourselves and its awesome".

Cole Patterson

P. C. P. otherwise known as Project Cole Patterson, is the persona of young local DJ, Cole Patterson. He is coming to take over the EDM Scene as we know it! After DJ-ing for the past year and a half he is ready to share his passion and talent with the Tulsa EDM crowd and he is sure to provide a street shaking set using the EDM styles of Trap, House and Dubstep, to provide fans with a unforgettable experience!

Jocelyn is a pop/rock band from Iowa City, IA. We chose the name Jocelyn to personify the music and give you a way to connect to a person, not a band. People matter and your story is important to us. Text us at 319.804.9727 and tell us yours.

Jocelyn formed in early 2012 when long-time friends and band mates Alex Wiese (bass) and Landen Boyer (Vocals) wrapped up college. With their degrees in hand, they finally found the time they needed to make a band what it needed to be. They connected with Steve Lydick (Guitar), and immediately recorded their debut EP 'To You And Yours' with producer Kevin Gates.

June came and, along with releasing their debut EP, the trio set out on the road to promote the album, though not in the way you might expect. Jocelyn found tours of similar style and loaded a Honda Civic with CDs and flyers, hitting each and every stop the tours made. Here they were able to connect with fans one-on-one and introduce them to the band on much more personal level. Night after night of peanut butter sandwiches and empty parking lots where they would sleep in reclined car seats, Jocelyn grew their dedicated following.

The band took time in between tours to write and found themselves with their second EP "Storyline" recorded in the early fall, 2012. With two large tours (All Time Low as well as Mayday Parade/The Maine) happening simultaneously that fall, Jocelyn enlisted the help of Josh Adams (Guitar/Vocals) to cover more ground and help promote.

At the end of six months, the band had now covered over 100,000 miles, promoted at over 200 shows, sold over 10,000 albums, released an EP, recorded another, added a member, and amassed a nation-wide fan base.

In January 2013 they set out on the better part of a three month acoustic tour of their own, playing in fan's living rooms throughout the midwest, northeast, and west coast. They also performed their first full-band show to release their 'Storyline' EP and played to a crowd that consisted of fans who traveled from over fifteen states and thousands of collective miles.

In July, 2013, Jocelyn launched a Kickstarter campaign to help raise funds to purchase a van and some touring equipment, in an attempt to launch their career from promotion and tour following. With a meager $5,000 goal set in hopes of purchasing the humblest van imaginale, the campaign reached it's goal in 10 minutes, then reached $10,000 within 48 hours, and went on to raise over $20,000 in a little over 3 weeks. The band attributes their Kickstarter's success to the most unbeliveable fan base there is, unique and well thought out rewards for people's donations, and their down to earth style of promotion that treated fans like people, rather than consumers whom they simply wanted to have buy their albums.

In August 2013, Jocelyn embarked on their first full-band tour with Hello Highway and Once Upon A Time. The month-long tour hit A and B markets from Boston to LA and was widely successful, due in large-part to the dedicated fan base these bands had generated with a down to earth marketing strategy that highlighted personal connections over spam marketing and sales.

Jocelyn is continuing to tour, as well as releasing a third EP in fall 2013.
Jocelyn is a pop / rock band from Iowa City, Iowa. They are releasing their sophomore EP "Storyline" February 8, 2012 - produced and engineered by Kevin Gates.

7 Minutes in Heavan

We've all played 7 Minutes in Heaven, haven't we? We all remember that rush, that thrill, that excitement that took complete control over us upon entering "heaven". Whether "heaven" was a closet, a bathroom or a darkened bedroom, the enjoyment was the same. Now imagine that same youthful excitement and kick pumping into your ears. An injection of sonic delight mainlined right into your head. I give you Timmy Rasmussen.

Battle Ground, Washington / December 2011: The place and time that Timmy's electro-acoustic project "7 Minutes in Heaven" first got its start. "At first, I was releasing more acoustic/programmed induced music, but I always had in mind to pursue a "pop-punk" sound, since that was the genre I felt most connected to". I wanted to throw a couple tracks out there and see if people even liked what I had been doing. Thankfully, I received a lot of positive reactions and it felt AMAZING! "

Next came a free Christmas EP released VIA PureVolume, when Timmy's music quickly captured the attention of locals and word started spreading throughout the country. With the thrill of the attention "7 Minutes in Heaven" was receiving Timmy decided to relocate to Des Plaines, IL; a place that afforded him more time to focus on his music. This focus resulted in the digital release of two original tracks: "Undercover Lovers" and "'Strike Three".

On "Undercover Lovers," Timmy remembers: “I was really stoked about it and it was cool to experiment with different sounds starting this out. It had this rad "80's" feel to it, which was completely unintentional." On the track "Strike Three," Timmy offers: "It was actually previously released in an old side-project I started and I just completely remastered it and added the missing pieces to it from previously self-producing it. It was a bit of a fan favorite and so I felt it deserved to be shown to its full potential."

After self-releasing his first two tracks, Timmy spent all of his time since growing his fan base VIA social networking and performances as well as writing, writing, writing! "The goal is to self-release a full-length in Spring of 2013. I have a lot of songs written, but since it's going to be self-funded, I'm being particularly analytical about each one. Of course I want it to be the best it can possibly be". But that didn't stop Timmy from releasing a track, "I wanted give fans a taste of what's been brewing in my head over the last year, ha". "California" was released digitally on July 16th, 2012, and the response has been INCREDIBLE! Its catchy vocals, melodic guitars, and upbeat sound bring it all back to the original question: We've all played "7 Minutes in Heaven; haven't we? Well now you can play "7 Minutes in Heaven" anytime you want. There's one thing in mind through all of this and that is to reach out to as many people as possible. It is safe to say that big things are in the future for the 19-year-old Washington native. Keep your eyes open and your ears perked. 7 Minutes in Heaven is not only a game that brings joy to all, but also the next big name in pop music.

The Big Time

The Big Time is a Pop Punk/Alternative band from Altoona, PA. Since forming in 2009, they have released three albums and most recently worked with producer Paul Leavitt (All Time Low, The Dangerous Summer, Circa Survive) on their newest album "Dreamers and Believers" that was released in April 2013.

In the past few years The Big Time has quickly gained a strong following with their tireless work ethic, utilizing every social networking avenue available and sharing the stage with artists including; Mayday Parade, Breathe Carolina, The Downtown Fiction, We Are The In Crowd, Hit The Lights, and The Wonder Years to name a few. The Big Time has also been featured on The Gunz Show and had their newest album streamed on idobi radio before its release.

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