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Rappin' 4-Tay

Perhaps the best known rapper to come out of San Francisco's vibrant hip hop scene, Rappin' 4Tay has a career that spans over 15 years and 7 albums, and with a new release slated for the summer of 2004. He has worked collaboratively with a number of other artists both well known and on the grassroots level, including 2Pac, Too $hort, Snoop Doggy Dog, and E-40 to name a few. Born in San Francisco, California on March 2,1968, Anthony Forte and was raised in San Francisco's Fillmore District. He has a twin sister, Toni. The Fillmore was already well known before 4Tay made a name for himself.,and the Fillmore he grew up in exposed him to many facets of community life. Although the Fillmore contains poverty, gang problems and housing projects, it is also home to black businesses, political and community leaders, and a historically important arts and cultural district. As a young man, 4Tay attended an arts high school, MacAtyre. Because he was in a music program at an arts high school, he learned how to read and write music and play half a dozen instruments, and received his musical education there. Fellow Bay Area rapper Hugh E M.C. - who was a freshman at MacAtyre when 4-Tay was a senior - said he remembered seeing the ambitious young man bringing his bassoon to school in a little kid's toy wagon tied to the back of his bicycle. He said the younger students admired 4-Tay, and he was an accomplished musician and talented writer at an early age. Although several Fillmore area rappers strived for success in the late 1980s and early 1990s, and many of them worked together, none of them ever became as famous and successful as 4Tay. Over the past 15 years Rappin 4Tay has worked with and collaborated with numerous other artists; notably, as a performer and a songwriter with Tupac Shakur in 1996 on the song "Only God Can Judge Me" (from the 2Pac Album "All Eyez On Me"), Bootsy Collins (Bulletproof Soundtrack), Berry Gordy (Dangerous Minds Soundtrack), JT The Bigga Figga (1996 - "Game On The Shelf"), Too $hort (1996 - "Never Talk Down", "She's A Sellout"), Snoop Doggy Dog (2000 - "Dogghouse"), and other artists too numerous to mention.

Formed in 1991 by Black C and Mr. Cee. Their first release, the Ruthless by Law Album Coverself-produced "Don't Give Me No Bammer" came out on In-a-Minute Records and made the Billboard magazine Hot Rap Singles chart, peaking at #16. Two albums followed: A Lesson to Be Learned, which peaked at #60 on the Billboard magazine Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart, and Ruthless by Law, which surpassed their debut by making it to #23, also grazing the bottom of the The Billboard 200 at #197. In 1995 they produced a solo record by group member Hitman (Ricky Heard) called Solo Creep.
Their impressive sales for regional indie releases attracted interest from Atlantic Records subsidiary Big Beat, who signed the group.

Black C and Hitman filled the void created by Mr. Cee's absence with various producers, including Rick Rock and MC Eiht, and released An Eye for an Eye in 1997. The album peaked at #70 on The Billboard 200 chart and got as high as #14 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart.

Another Hitman solo record was released in 1999 and in 2000, RBL Posse released a double album—Bootlegs and Bay Shit: The Resume. In May 2001.

Black C has continued to release solo albums and RBL Posse-related material.


Cellski has appeared on over 100 albums & has been behind the scenes for a lot of stuff that's going on in the Bay Area Hip Hop community in the last 10 years. He has has appeared on over 100 albums & has been behind the scenes for a lot of stuff that's going on in the Bay Area Hip Hop community in the last 10 years. He has done production for & rapped with such artists as Master P, Yukmouth, E-40, RBL Posse, Cougnut, Killa Tay, Luni Coleone, San Quinn, Lil Flip & many more. Cellski produced the hit single " Bounce to This" by RBL Posse. Cellski produced a lot of Master P's " West Coast Bad Boys" 1&2. Cellski has dropped 4 solo albums & 2 EPs with sales totaling over 150,000 (soundscan 70,000) with no real distribution. Cellski is a legend in the Bay Area under the guidance of his late homeboy Cougnut of I.M.P. Cellski stands to carry on the legacy.at this years bay area rap scene awards they awarded cellski mixtape king of the bay.cellski new album mr.predicter chapter 2 will surely get cellski the national attention and deal he deserves.

Equipto made it from San Francisco and is the C.E.O of Solidarity Records and has been making music for 15+ years doing collaborations with Mac Dre, Berner, Andre Nickatina, The Jacka, Smoov-E, San Quinn and shag Nasty to name a few. He is highly influenced by San Francisco along with 2Pac, Malcolm X, E-40, Public Enemy, EPMD, and too many more to name.

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