Fallen And Forgotten is a Hard Rock/Metal band from Denver Colorado. the band was started march 1st 2012 with just Jared Maio(Drums) Nikki Kandi (rythm Guitar) and Shadow Creed (Lead Guitar/Screamer). The Three all composed the music for the first album along with the the lyrics and vocal melodies. Brian Mannion (Bass) joined them in July of 2012. And after several failed attempts at finding the right vocalist They met the right Lead Vocalist, Corina Marie in August of 2013.The band started a little bit more different than other bands. By recording their first single "Drop Dead". Then immediately after finishing "Drop Dead" they played their first show that was at the Trailside Saloon September 29th 2012. which is a good place to start for a new local band, and FAF killed it there, everyone loved there music. Then for there second show they played a Halloween show at the ROXY Theater October 26th 2012. and from that day on Fallen and Forgotten has been making a huge dent in the local music scene. trying to find a way to make it national. enjoy the music friends!

Hollow Western Slope

Hollow was formed in 2005 by Baron and Dustin. After several singers and bass players came and went, and endless practice sessions, the drummer and guitarist found the vocalist they were looking for. Zack Jones joined the band in 2008. Several bass players later they found the bass player that would finish out the new sound of Hollow, enter Jason Perpich Nov. of 2011

2012 is proving to be a great year for Hollow. They entered the Battle of the Bands at the Gothic in Denver and are moving on to the semi-finals in November.

Hermans Hideaway proudly presents: Death Day Cabaret

Eric and Jaime met at a Halloween party in 2002 and through a mutual friend started making music together. They have been through various incarnations of bands, the most recent being Death Day Cabaret.

Jaime brought Dave into the project and after almost a year of crafting their sound, DDC started looking for a fourth member by answering a "Wanted" ad on Craigslist. Scott joined as the bassist to complete the current line-up.

We've been told that we are a cross between Interpol and The Chameleons, depending on the song. Like most bands, we try not to box ourselves in to one particular genre, although post-punk would be the closest style we aim for.


This band plays all of the music that you hear in Arenas across the country. Performing the greatest hits from bands like, AC/DC, Adelitas Way, Led Zeppelin, KISS, & more!

Marie Elam - Lead Singer
Brad Butler - Drums, backing vocals
Sam Smith - Lead/Rhythm guitar
Dan Boren - Lead/Rhythm guitar
Ronnie Hendricks - Bass

$4.00 - $8.00


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