Naughty New Year 2014 "Adam & Eve: Original Sin"  NAUGHTYNEWYEAR.COM

Naughty New Year 2014 "Adam & Eve: Original Sin" NAUGHTYNEWYEAR.COM

Give into temptation this “Naughty New Year” and indulge in guilty pleasures with the performance of, “Adam and Eve | Original Sin”, presented by Dancefx at the Music Farm. On Saturday, January 11th, relive the fall of mankind and follow the choreographed story of Adam and Eve expressed in truest form, by the human body. In two acts, the first inhabitants of the world discover the consequences of curiosity and lust as they are expelled from Paradise and thrust into the disparaging sphere of modern society, influenced by the Seven Deadly Sins: Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, and Pride. Co-written by Jenny Broe, Executive Director of Dancefx, and Jamal Tisdale, Artistic Director of Daft Concept, the performance, for adult audiences only, will explore the intricacies of human nature from it’s basic beginnings of gentleness and naiveté to the blossoming awareness of eroticism and carnal desire in a night that will have you blushing in your seat. Experience performances that unearth the deep roots of sensuality and seduction as dancers’ stretch and contract, arch and writhe, explore and expand across the stage and into your fantasies. Enter into the Garden of Eden at this pinnacle moment when what was light now fades to dark, what was sweet turns sour, and the dullness of the senses sharpen and climax in the most transformative interaction between man and woman. In reverence of all things sinful and sexy, this New Year promises to be the naughtiest yet, so give in to that urge to taste the forbidden fruit and enjoy yourself in the ‘biblical sense’. You know you want to…

Naughty New Year: “Adam and Eve | Original Sin” takes place on Saturday, January 11th. The show will feature performances by the Dancefx Adult Performance Company and the Charleston Dance Project with special guest performances by the Amorous Pole Dancers, Sprinkles Productions and the Charleston Burlesque Theatre. Doors will open at 7:30 pm, and the show starts at 8 pm. General admission tickets are $15/adv and $20/door. To guarantee a seat (as the Music Farm is mostly standing room), a limited offering of 100 VIP tickets may be purchased in advance for $30 and $40 at the door.

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