The Fine Constant, Skizzwhores, Dun Bin Had, _ash Aria_

The Fine Constant

The Fine Constant is an instrumental progressive band from Madison, WI. The band was formed in May of 2012 when Sarah Longfield reached out to her compatriots in order to begin performing her solo material in a live setting. From then on, TFC thrived as a stand alone project, currently with two full length releases and numerous nationwide tours under their belt. They are known for a unique and technical sound, presented through a dynamic live performance.


Grunge-Smear shakes hands with Punk Rock, creating something that is nostalgic to some, but also creating a new sound to hit the stages with a destructive and passionate energy that draws in audience members to relate and feel connected to what they are witnessing. We are Skizzwhores, currently residing in Madison, WI. The three of us performed together at a Halloween show for the first time, covering both Bikini Kill and Joy Division in 2013. With our hodgepodge of influences such as Distillers, Sonic Youth, The Germs to the Cardigans we have managed to put a bit of it all into our style. Currently we have released a split cd with Chicago locals, Ultrahazard. We love being on a road and tour whenever we get a chance to. On June 2015 we released our EP, titled “WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS”. With a full length called "INSOMNIA MANIA" due to be out soon. We are in charge of setting up "Grrrls Kick Ass Fest" here in Madison. A festival celebrating female artist and giving them a night where they wont be confused as a "merch girl". Check out our EP on bandcamp, and if you dig it, download it to show some love! If you end up coming to one of our shows, after our sweaty-destructive set come meet us, and if you dig us check out our shirts, patches, cds, and our flea market. Are you broke? No problem, we understand and are down to bargain.

Dun Bin Had

DBH have been rockin since 2004. Starting off as a punk ska band taking influences from 90s bands such as OP-IVY, FYP, Rudiments, Grimple, Chrimpshrine, as well as other crusty pop punk and dirty ska bands. As of recently DBH has stepped away from the ska and are embracing their gutter pop style and epic fist in the air sing alongs. DBH has two records out ILL Timed Shananigins, and Booze Train, as well as a hand full of split 7 inchs and one self titled 7 inch. DBH is also no stranger to the road with five US tours as well as many west coast runs under their belts. We just are putting the finishing touchs on a new record (Any Given Moment) coming out on Vinyl and already out on cassette and download.

_ash Aria_

The _ash Aria_ project was concieved in the fall of 2006.. whether I knew it at the time or not. In the aftermath of a personal tragedy, I started to write music again and it became therapuetic. Emotions started to pour and they developed into an idea.. over time, the idea developed into a vision.. the vision developed into what you see and hear. So much more to come.. stay tuned.

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