The Deadmen

The Deadmen

Josh Read and Justin Jones got together to let their children play. They discussed their frustration with the music business, their love of playing music, and their love of famliy. Brandon Butler (Boys Life, Canyon) is on the drums, and Justin Hoben (John Bustine) is on bass.
The Deadmen recorded an EP. Occasionally they have copies to give away at shows.

KALEN & The Sky Thieves

Kalen is a singer/songwriter/keyboard player known for her unique

rock-noir sound. Her live show, in which she fuses soulful blues, moody
trip hop and electro-dance with punk energy is praised for it's
ability to transport the audience. She is backed by three talented
musicians, known as "the sky thieves": on drums - Wayan Zoey (The
Funk Ark, Russ Kaplan +7, Judy Kang) , on bass - Jay Giacomazzo
(Lawrence Trailer, I, Revere) and on guitar - Will Hanza (CFR,

With her late avant-guard funk act, Ladybug Stingray, Kalen played
everywhere from NYC's Webster Hall Studio, to Brooklyn's The
Knitting Factory, to LA's Whiskey A-Go-Go and headlined festivals such
as The Wassaic Summer Project. Since Kalen + the sky thieves formed
earlier this year, they have packed venues from NYC to Portland, ME.
Since it's independent release at the end of 2012, KALEN's Fallen
From The Sun EP is on heavy rotation in triple A and college radio,
charting on CMJ Top 30 throughout the country.

Middle Tennessee Music writes, "Kalen has soul and a voice ready to
cause an epidemic of addiction. Falling From The Sun is a groove-laden,
blues-filled, electro-rock experiment that would make Peter Gabriel and
Portishead proud." Indiemunity says, "With her soulful, dark voice,
Kalen knows how to keep the audience entranced and wanting more." A
reviewer from Kalen + the sky thieves's most recent Brooklyn show (in

front of hundreds) wrote, "Kalen rocked, definitely one to check out
if you like great rock and roll FUCK YOU music…the musicians were


Catchy melodies, rich three part sing-along harmonies, and thought provoking lyrics make The Jackfields one of the most unique and special live bands today. Their Beatlesque piano pop meets Pink Floyd guitar psychedelia to take listeners on a timeless trip back to an era when music was at its most memorable. The band also draws on influences from Elton John and Supertramp to Wilco and David Bowie.
Obsessed with music born during the golden age of recording, songwriter Mike Reina (formerly of the DC band Phaser) built The Brink, an all analog studio and began crafting his original sound. He teamed up with bassist/vocalist Drew Morris (with whom Reina constructs the band's lush signature backing vocals), drummer/percussionist Larry Ferguson (who has a master's degree in percussion performance from the University of Michigan), pianist/vocalist and former Phaser bandmate Boris Skalsky (of Dead Heart Bloom), Anthony Pirog (well known as one of the most skilled and versatile lead guitarists in the DC area), and sax/woodwinds player Eli Gonzales to complete The Jackfields. Reina was also the sole producer and engineer on the band's upcoming full length due for release in November. He adheres strictly to the 2 inch 16 track analog tape format, embracing limitation and vibe in the studio, believing that it fuels creativity, musicianship and resourcefulness. Early on, Reina revolted against the crutches too frequently relied upon in today's recording environment, setting himself apart from the cut-n-paste crowd by forcing he and his band to work the way his idols worked forty years ago. Sophisticated songwriting and excellent musicianship give The Jackfields one of the coolest vibes going in today's live music scene.

Inspired by chance encounter, Avers was formed over the course of ten nights of writing and recording–an absence of expectation, and the beauty of an unexpected result.

Chemistry, a substance generally cultivated on rare occasion, materialized instantly while members James-Lloyd Hodges (Farm Vegas), James Mason (The Mason Brothers), Adrian Olsen (Hypercolor), Alexandra Spalding (Lost in the Trees) and Tyler Williams (The Head and The Heart) explored ideas and sounds that resulted in their debut album, Empty Light. Within the confines of a two-hundred-year-old farm that houses Montrose Recording (Richmond, VA), ghosts echoing from a Flickinger console once owned by Sparklehorse; fires burned until first morning light. Five new friends trusting in the unexpected, following the creative tide. These elements reveal the heart and soul of the band itself.

Avers is defined by creation within a moment – a trust that music recorded so close to its inspiration has a certain magic that is valid/rare in a world of over-thought perfection. Their debut spans a psychedelic spectrum of musical light; ethereal, cathartic, and illuminated from within by raw emotion, blending the aural colors which fill the space of Empty Light.



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