Political Animals

Political Animals

POLITICAL "of or relating to your views about social relationships involving authority or power; "political opinions"

ANIMALS "Living beings which can feel things and move freely"

Political Animals means to be human. Hip Hop is our culture. It is our way of life. Our Philosophy. The music that we make reflects our opinions, experiences, and views as one human or, as a collective ranging locally to globally. Through our music we promote everything from peace, love, unity, partying, social and self awareness. We also display the negative parts of life such as crime, abuse, oppression, violence, corruption and cruelty without glorifying it. We believe in balance instead of being a one trick pony. Hip Hop music does not actually have its own sound. It uses every style past, present, or future. Political Animals brings you just that. Hip Hop never died. You just can't find too much of it on the television or the radio. True Hip Hop music is played in the small clubs, lounges, parks, basements, attics, school auditoriums, in the backyards of small towns, right to its birthplace, the streets of the inner-city.

Covering a wide range of topics, POLITICAL ANIMALS make sure their music can be enjoyed by any and every fan of hip-hop. "Wannabe MCs," is a song which calls out all the artists who follow the latest trends rather than their heart. The tribute song to the hip-hop artists who came before them, "Read Between The Lines" is a song any "old school" hip-hop fan can appreciate. The fan favorite "Sensory Deception" can only be described as "haunting" and "chilling."

In an era where the majority of hip hop artists "press play" and hit the stage POLITICAL ANIMALS stand out by bringing out the raw sound of hip-hop with a completely live sound. No pre-recorded music, no background beats, just pure hip-hop. Laced with funk grooves, break beats, the power of rock, and classic hip-hop, their sound is unlike anything you have heard before.

"It's just that animal mentality to turn a dream into reality."


Zak G is an experimental rapper and artist out of Waterbury, CT. Through his abstract lyrical style and incredibly noisy beats he brings something strange and exciting to the table.

Apollo Suns

Apollo Suns is an independent Hip Hop trio from Connecticut which consists of MC Johnny Wae, High Deph & Cy Matics.

intelligently stupid trip hop


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