The Young Electric

The Young Electric is everything their name implies: high energy, fresh alternative rock.

They are truly a self-sufficient band, working hard at whatever they set out to do. Because of that passion and hard work, The Young Electric brings a much-needed original sound to the music scene.

This Provo, Utah based alternative rock band was formed in January of 2007 by brothers Riley and Drew Hamnett, along with Natty Coleman, and Mat Deason. Since the band's inception, these guys have worked nonstop writing songs, practicing, playing shows, and perfecting their sound. Their music has quickly gained them attention.

Before forming The Young Electric, brothers Riley and Drew along with best friend Natty performed under the name The Trademark. With constant touring, two EPs and one full-length album, that band did find national success. However, their sound was not what they wanted it to be. Their vast and varying influences seemed to get in their way of creating a cohesive, finished sound. It wasn't until Mat Deason joined up to help form The Young Electric that they were able to create the sound they had been searching for. It takes the right combination of people, of creative minds, to create something special, and with the addition of Deason to the equation, something special was definitely created.

Riley Hamnett, lead singer and lyricist, started playing and writing music when he was just twelve years old. Drew Hamnett plays the bass and sings backup vocals. Together with his brother, they have played in multiple bands, each of which helped shape their talent and style even further. Natty Coleman contributes to the band in many ways. First and foremost, he is the drummer. He is also a graphic designer on the side, conveniently providing designs for the band, from t-shirts and websites to videos and album art. Mat Deason plays lead guitar for the band. Before joining up with the other three, Deason played in a slew of local bands, occasionally sharing the stage with The Trademark, then ultimately becoming the fourth and final member of The Young Electric.

The Animal In Me

The Animal In Me's single "I Created A Monster" have been receiving warm reviews from fans and critics alike.Armed with a fresh take on a genre that is over saturated with cookie-cutter bands, fans are demanding and eager for the release of TAIM's debut EP produced by Tom Denney (A Day To Remember/Secrets /For The Fallen Dreams) at Diamond Studios in Ocala, Florida.

The band gained serious momentum in the summer of 2012. Outerloop Management and The Agency Group have given TAIM the opportunity of a lifetime when they decided to pick up the band. Under the direction of some of the industry's best, The Animal In Me are hard at work developing themselves into the national act that they are destined to be.

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