BLOK, Intimatchine, ERAS, Los Angeles Debut of arthouse horror film DIABOLIQUE by Cosmotropia de Xam (Mater Suspiria Vision)


BLOK is a dynamic and post-modern vision of an urban abstract party. Surreal electric jams on a dirty street corner with your neighbors turned beasts in high fashion. Born and raised in Southern California, these three biological siblings (yes, really the same father and mother), Damien Blaise (all original music composition and lead vocals/ lyrics), Gianna Gianna (backup vocals/lyrics and hype), and Jesse Saint John (additional vocals/lyrics and hype), have been performing with the conviction of the possessed since forming the group in late 2008; playing notable venues like The Knitting Factory, The House of Blues, The Glass House, The Music Box at Henry Fonda, The Art Institute, and many others. They have shared bills with The Clipse, The Cool Kids, Diplo, Die Antwoord, DJ Z-Trip, and many others. Members have individually had successful stints in acting, modeling, and visual art/design. Although considered outliers among the Orange County music scene, they have been critically acclaimed by numerous local publications and blogs, and have been nominated for multiple Orange County Music Awards including Best New Artist, Best Live Act, Best Electronic Act, and Best Hip-Hop Act. Damien Blaise produces and composes all of their otherworldly and gritty rhythmic and hypnotic melodic structures utilizing a mixture of found objects and utensils, acoustic and traditional instruments, and electronic sounds and effects, leaving no sound source or texture in reach to waste. Making post-apocalyptic and layered pop-structured soundscapes that continue to prove that what you groove to on your radio doesn't have to be as mindless or predictable as many have been led to believe.


Both are scholars in separate performance fields, INTIMATCHINE derives from cardinal and mutable differences. Influenced by exotic, actual and imaginary dramas. This couple’s strange humor, sensuality, dark moods, and commonsense. More or less, they are digital distortions of an intimate relationship.

ERAS' upcoming release Portals exists in a unique space giving equal reverence to both the DIY noise scene of The Smell and the leftfield hip-hop beats of the Low End Theory/Brainfeeder scene. The LA-based producer already has plenty of acclaim bubbling underground with a few well-received limited releases to his name and pumping out dark, trance-inducing remixes for artists like Death Grips, Gazelle Twin, and Chelsea Wolfe. With his latest Portals, ERAS seems primed for a wider audience.

Almost as if it was a double EP, ERAS embraces the vinyl format with a dualistic approach to the record as if it were two sides of a coin. In a striking new direction, Portals' first side explores new territory for ERAS with lush textures, warm pads, and agile celestial synth melodies all pushed to the forefront. The fingerprints of his previous work are there with an underlying tension and mystery, but it treads along into familiar territory as well with a pastoral, futuristic hymn quality recalling Boards of Canada and/or M83 more so than the more punk, beat induced Throbbing Gristle-isms we've heard from him in the past.

From the first few seconds of the flipside's opener "Oath", the howling drones of sacred musics and tribal war drums clearly signal a more sinister intent for the second side of Portals. Also surprising, the foreboding distorted glitch atmospheres of "Coma" give way to a steady beat wrapped in dark, warped R&B vibes. As if the b-side has taken you to the dark corridors in an underworld of sound, it is consistent in tone and restraint but also full of interesting juxtapositions whether it's layering expansive shoegaze over meticulously edited breakbeats or power electronics held together by subtle chord arrangements.

With the nature of the dualistic release, it would be inappropriate to assign any sort of genre to the music on Portals but fans of the classic Warp catalog, Editions Mego releases, even the new generation of witchier dark electronics will find a lot to like in ERAS' latest

Los Angeles Debut of arthouse horror film DIABOLIQUE by Cosmotropia de Xam (Mater Suspiria Vision)

"DIABOLIQUE by Cosmotropia de Xam of Mater Suspiria Vision
Starring Aura, Günter Schickert, Agnes Pándy and Martin N

Esmakra is a milk-like substance used by vampires to infect the human race. Causing addiction. Controlling them. The shadow of darkness is where the vampires stay. Saturated neon color lights of the big city. Soul Intoxication of a single ticket. Near the streets of the weaping houses they are looking for their next victim. A victim for spreading their anima...

SOUNDTRACK BY IN DEATH IT ENDS (exclusive track) ∫ BLVCK CEILING (exclusive track) ∫ Günter Schickert feat. Aura (exclusive track) ∫ Metzengenstein ∫ Mario Mazzini ∫ Madame O und Ihre Kopffilmbande (2 exclusive tracks) ∫ Mercydesign (exclusive track) ∫ MATER SUSPIRIA VISION (2 exclusive tracks)

Duration: approx 60 min
Language: german
Subtitles: english"

$8.00 - $10.00


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