Taylor Carson

TAYLOR CARSON's fifth studio album in 8 years, WITH INNOCENCE, captures the sense of wonder and hope we all knew as children. It is infused with the optimism of dreams into everyday challenges and finds, with insightful observation about the good in the world around us. This summer soundtrack cleans the muddied lens and inspires the hibernating to awake and greet a new day. WITH INNOCENCE debuted at #6th on the iTunes album charts and is the work that Taylor is most proud of to date.

The Cowards Choir

After ten years on the road, hundreds of shows and shelves of song-filled notebooks, Andy Zipf is taking a new name: The Cowards Choir.

"In 2009 I released The Cowards Choir EP. It was the first time I remember feeling like I'd found my voice.," said Zipf. "Something changed."

Two years later Zipf's voice strengthened and expanded. The "Jealous Hands" LP showcased this seasoned range and clearer vision. "As far as I'm concerned, Jealous Hands is my first record. My friend and producer Jeremy Griffith figured out how to capture the sound I'd been hearing my head all this time." He called it a "new direction", turning down a bit of the aggression, tightening up melodies and honing his true to life lyrics.

"It took me a few years to figure things out. I'm grateful for the time I've had to chip away at some edges. Now I'm ready to begin again."

The Cowards Choir chapter will begin on August 10th with the release of the Reunion EP.

Zipf has always been committed to growth. "I never want to stop learning. I want to be a better singer and songwriter. It takes many years and miles. Not one season of a game show." He's taken that ethic to stages and street corners across the US, and its not gone unnoticed. Zipf's music continues to surface on network television and in independent films, and has participated in campaigns with ONE and To Write Love On Her Arms.

Turning to the people, he has consistently utilized his fan-base to support tours, fund albums and share his story via direct social media connection.

Zipf rewards that loyalty with an unwavering commitment to creating music rooted in honesty. He gets on the floor at shows and sings from the back row. He turns the room into a cinema, coats every surface with colors and old film. Zipf doesn't believe in playing music, rather immersing the audience in it. He is constantly looking for ways to create an experience that taps into equal parts rock and roll and big tent revival.

The Cowards Choir is a new chapter, but it is a chance to keep creating, maintaining that artistic purity and leading a life rooted in the stories of all of us, like he wonders in "Maybe I,"
"Maybe I will have nothin' more to teach them than the story we are livin', passin' up through us from echoes in the earth".


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