CASH Music Summits - Los Angeles

CASH Music Summits - Los Angeles

The CASH Music Summits bring artists and technologists together. We want to foster a new form of collaboration that can lead to deeper understanding of the intersection of technology and music, leaving real change in its wake. This time in Los Angeles.

Our first summit dates in Portland were a success, and let us think even more about how to facilitate these conversations. Now we're headed to LA, inspired and excited for the next event on November 16.

This time to inspire new perspectives we're staging several short conversations to be held on-stage. These will combine different perspectives, look at issues at the core of what we're working on, and raise questions for the attendees to discuss further. We're still placing a focus on private discussions — small unrecorded groups allowing for candid comments and new ideas. Those conversations lead to deep insight and helped facilitate open and positive dialogue.

We will be live-streaming and archiving the on-stage conversations so anyone can get involved. We'll also be sending out surveys and speaking to all of the attendees, working towards generating educational content and editorials to keep the conversation moving forward.

Confirmed conversations:
Mike Watt & Pascal Finette

Minutemen, fIREHOSE, Dos — Watt has always been a compassionate and complex thinker. His concern for the world around him has defined and inspired the punk ethos. Pascal is the Chief of Staff at Mozilla and is passionate about open-source, community, and the intersection of business and social good.

Allison Wolfe & Tatiana Simonian

The lead singer for Bratmobile, original Riot Grrrl, and at the heart of Ladyfest, Allison has spent her life thinking about gender issues and power structures in art and beyond. Tatiana is VP of Music at Nielsen and ran all music outreach at Twitter until mid-2013.

More speakers/details soon!


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