Cardinal Arms presents: The "Songs for Filip" Benefit Show, Mark Thousands, Jim Trainer, Arlan Feiles, Andrew Meoray

Cardinal Arms presents: The "Songs for Filip" Benefit Show

An acoustic tribute to Filip Simon, featuring a diverse line up of talented songwriters. Many artists and songs that Filip liked will be covered, and the money from the door will be going to a fund for his sons. Among those performing will be: Cardinal Arms, Kettle Pot Black, Arlan Feiles, Carolyn Thorn, Savy Guthrie, Melissa Weinstein, and Adam Miranda.

Bevan McShea (Cardinal Arms) is a singer songwriter from Philadelphia. He is part of the band The Phoenix Veil and produced the the popular underground hip hop project Lightborn.

Mark Thousands

Mark Thousands started his musical journey playing in local hardcore bands in the state of Delaware where he was born. In 1999 he joined one of the biggest New York hardcore bands of the 90's called Comin Correct. They released a full length record on Triple Crown records called "IN Memory Of" and toured the East Coast as well as Europe. In Europe the band played club shows in front of hundreds of people and festival shows in front of thousands. The band played with such acts as Earth Crisis, Hatebreed and Bad Brains and Agnostic Front. After being part of the band for three years Mark decided to leave the group and explore new avenues musically.

 In 2010 Mark joined The Casting Out (ex Boy Sets Fire) and did a month long tour in the states and spent a month touring in Europe and left the band shortly after the European tour.
Mark is also a member of The Eddie Leeway Show with Eddie Leeway the original vocalist for Leeway.. The band performs all Leeway songs but are soon to start a whole new project. 

Currently, Mark is a solo performer playing softer more personal songs in the vein of Elliott Smith, Nick Drake, Rufus Wainwright, and Ron Sexsmith. Mark has currently released his debut CD "With Love And Light Always" produced by Richie Birkenhead of the band Into Another and Ian Love of Rival Schools.
The songs from his latest effort are melodic/intimate songs accompanied with lyrics reminiscent of great poets like Edgar Allen Poe and Robert Frost. There is a sweet juxtaposition of light and dark in his melodies and lyrics that pierce through to the heart of those who are in attunement. He is a heavily tattooed soft spoken gentleman whose passion is songwriting.

Jim Trainer

Singer-songwriter and ex-Pat punk rocker from Philadelphia. I came down to Austin following that Americana sound. It is everything I hoped it would be.

$8.00 - $10.00


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