Pharaohs is a five-piece hip-hop infused jazz group from New York City. Group? More like a sensation – A modern American jazz sensation. Coming of age in the boom-bap era, with an ear for bebop, these five young gentlemen craft songs that blend the musicality of old jazz tunes with hip-hop rhythms and arrangements, featuring elements of pop and bossa nova as well. Led by singer/songwriter, Max Schieble, with members Danny Lentz (violin), Dillon Treacy (drums), DanMichael Reyes (keys), and Trevor Brown (bass), Pharaohs are known for their unconventional chord progressions, frequent rhythmic switches, and gargantuan vocal harmonies. Some influences include J Dilla, Billie Holiday, Dr. Dog, and Larry David.

The origins of Pharaohs trace back to 2009, when the group was merely a duo composed of Schieble and Lentz. Together, they took time to develop their era-bending sound, recording lo-fi home demos, all the while composing handfuls of albums to one day be completed with a full band (along with a children's choir, an orchestra, and definitely a trombone player). In 2013 the duo released the "Tides – EP," a nautical cross-country adventure telling the story of a lonely lothario searching for his sea legs before sailing to nowhere. Now, complete with a full band, Pharaohs are preparing a collection of musical short stories, a short film, and their debut album for 2014.



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