We Are the Men, Midori & Ezra Boy

We Are the Men

30 miles away from the foggy hills of San Francisco lies a town called Rohnert Park. Unknown to many, this town would play host to the formation of the musical phenomenon simply dubbed ‘We Are The Men’. The pieces to this intricate puzzle included the energetic percussionist, Danny Kendrick, along side the six stringed savant Alex Rather-Taylor and equally talented but less domestic Marius Atherton. The final component of the quartet would be founded in the rhythmic soul of Paul Hanna.
Unified by destiny, these four songwriters put there masterminds together in their quest for a genre of their own. Dissecting the sounds of 60s Surf Rock, 90s New Wave, and infiltrating the San Francisco Garage Rock scenes from which they came. ‘We Are The Men’ have developed a surprising and energetic musical Identity which seduced the bustling bay area. The combination of their powerful riffs, mesmerizing melodies, nasty noises and psychedelic ambiance creates a unique sound heard only from their stage
Once across the Golden Gate Bridge, ‘We Are The Men’ found themselves immersed in an equally ambitious and artistic community. Playing along side solidified local bands while collaborating with artists of canvas and camera. ‘We Are The Men’ continue to further their vision, and the journey has only just begun; With a European Tour on the horizon, ‘We Are The Men’ is ready to promote their newly recorded LP, party hard, and bring their San Franciscan sound to the Shungen Space

Midori & Ezra Boy

A 70’s influenced rock group from Santa Rosa Cali., wielding their instruments of rock n’ roll on their Summer Love Tour. With the Mighty Griswald (their tried and true RV) in tow, the sultry Midori and high energy Ezra’s have influences from the Beatles, Janis Joplin, to Grace Potter and the Nocturnals and Bad Company.

Survival Guide

Survival Guide is comprised of Emily Whitehurst and Jaycen McKissick. They began this project with a plan to have no real plan. To let go of the steering wheel. To be as creative as possible and to let those creations be what they are. To not rely on the past or anticipate the future. To survive.

For Whitehurst and McKissick, surviving musically has resulted in a multitude of styles and instruments. This notion of writing music without pretense makes it difficult to classify, for Survival Guide sways seamlessly from poppy electronic rock to an acoustic heartbreaker to dark, rhythmic and soulful, all without batting an eyelash. Being a band of only two, Whitehurst and McKissick are forced to expand creatively. They have both been playing music for many years, primarily as a vocalist and a guitarist, respectively. In Survival Guide, they have found themselves responsible for building all parts of all songs, resulting in fresh and well-thought-out pieces of art. Since the ball started rolling in early 2011, they have released two 7" vinyl records on Side With Us Records: "Hot Lather Machine" and "Wildcat". They are currently writing a full-length album.

Thus far, Survival Guide has been playing shows all around the San Francisco bay area, and did a quick northwestern jaunt in spring. Their music video for "Prohibition: Pts 1 & 2" was featured online with Filter, Nylon, and AP Magazines. Whitehurst and McKissick are honored to have been named one of AP Magazine's Top 100 Bands to Know in 2012, so they plan on living up to that title as best they can.




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