Mystical Weapons

Mystical Weapons

Drummer Greg Saunier (Deerhoof) and guitarist Sean Lennon (the GOASTT) are Mystical Weapons. They'll be improvising at Union Pool with man-about-town Shahzad Ismaily


Imago is a funambulist between contradictions, holding hands with both sides of the moon, a wild verdure who found its way through the labyrinth of higher education & double mastered from the academy of classical music in Switzerland, a feathered fledgling who dives among the abyssal luminescence, an asymmetrical geometry, an organized chaos, a target missed perfectly.

She´ll be taking her own approach to contemporary music by such as George Crumb, Olivier Messiaen & Harry Partch entwined with her own songs. She´ll be guided and lit by Shahzad Ismaily a multidimensional musician and sound magician.



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