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Amir Abdullah

For over two decades, DJ Amir Abdullah has stayed alive in the music business by a careful balancing act. On the one side, DJ Amir is a club rocking, crate digging, turntable purist. On the other hand, Amir Abdullah is a deft businessman, working behind the scenes at such venerable labels as Fat Beats Records, Rapster/K7 Records in Germany, and most recently as the label head of Wax Poetics Records. It’s this savvy approach to both sides of the business that has allowed Amir to stay working and relevant in an industry that is constantly in transition.

DJ Amir's start in the music business began not as a selector, but as a listener. From an early age, Amir's ears were saturated in the sounds of jazz, gospel, soul, and disco. As the youngest member of his family, Amir had a hard time getting his music played. When he was old enough, Amir sought to shed the music of his parents by tuning into the world of hip-hop. Yet instead of finding an escape, Amir discovered the music of his home in the music of his peers. The samples in his favorite songs played like a panoramic remix of his parents’ turntable. Soon Amir found himself tracing ties inside the music, mining the myriad connection between jazz, funk, disco, soul, and hip-hop. If he found a sound he couldn't identify, it was only a matter of time before the young Amir unearthed the source.

Ever since, Amir has been a man on a music mission. He's braved the strange and dangerous locations for the rarest wax, dealt with the shadiest characters and collectors, and had his knowledge called upon by some of the biggest names in hip-hop. It was during the 1990s, while making a name for himself as a respected DJ and collector that Amir broke into the business side of the music industry. Beginning in the marketing department of Fat Beats Inc, within a few years Amir was promoted to company’s vice president of sales. Since leaving Fat Beats, Amir has worked freelance A&R for Rapster Records, been the sales manager for ABB Records, and is currently the acting label manager of Wax Poetics Records in Brooklyn, NY.

It was also during the ’90s that Amir would meet fellow crate-digging DJ Kon. After a chance encounter at a vinyl spot in 1996, the two became fast friends and collaborating performers. As half of Kon & Amir, Amir has toured the world over, turning the duo's initial underground following into a worldwide network of fanatical fans. Steadily building a reputation as two of New York’s best soul, funk, and hip-hop DJs, Kon and Amir have acted as both resident DJs and as touring turntable stars. A few of their most recent and notable gigs include the Do Over Party in LA, the Grand Groove Party at APT in NYC (with Chairman Mao), the Southport Weekender festival in Southport UK, and the Wax Poetics Japan Issue #1 release party in Tokyo. Acting as more than just live DJs, Kon and Amir have a discography that extends back as far as their friendship. Beginning with the esteemed underground On Track mixtape series, Kon and Amir have released over nine compilations, including two volumes of Off Track, the follow-up series to their legendary On Track mixes. With the third volume of Off Track set for release from BBE in March 2010 and a fourth volume already in the works, Kon and Amir show no signs of slowing down.

Regardless of industry trends, Amir continues to quietly make moves his own way. Choosing substance over show, Amir makes waves without making noise. It's this kind of shrewd business sensibility and working command of music that makes Amir so highly regarded in the world of hot wax. Shady Records, Dr. Dre, Pete Rock, Diamond D, and Capitol Records (to name but a few) have called upon Kon and Amir's respected expertise. Amir’s client list has included Dilated Peoples, Big L, Pete Rock, Jay Dee, Madlib, Mandrill, The Mizell Brothers, Common, Lyman Woodard and Dennis Coffey. In a world where anybody with a laptop and an iPod fancies themselves a DJ, Amir is here to keep the true tradition of the turntable alive.

Scribe fell in love with music at an early age and never fell out. His interest progressed from violin to piano to synthesizers to samplers to turntables. Inspired by Public Enemy and The Pharcyde in the golden age of 90s hip-hop, he began collecting records. Along with the dancehall reggae and acid jazz of the time, he was led him back in time to soul, funk, disco, r&b, roots reggae and jazz, and would later expand into a musical repertoire spanning afrobeat, house, broken-beat, latin, and his beloved 80s pop childhood roots. Scribe has been spinning full-time since 2002 and developed numerous notable and acclaimed residencies in NYC. In May 2009, Scribe founded I Love Vinyl, an all-vinyl party, with six resident djs.

The Twilite Tone

"When it comes to Chicago producers, Anthony “The Twilite Tone” Khan is a legend. He's the man responsible for crafting Common's sound, producing the first three albums from the rapper, gave No ID his name, and produced for Kanye West." - Latifah Muhammas (Hip-Hop Wired)

Responsible for Common's first three albums, and now working as his creative director, Khan has clocked more than two dozen years in the music industry.

As of recent, The Twlite Tone has provided production for John Legend, Big Sean, Pusha T, Kanye West and others. He co-wrote 3 tracks on Cruel Summer including the lead single “Mercy” which reached No.1 on Billboard’s US Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs and US Rap Songs Charts and went 2x Platinum, “Don’t Like.1”, and “The One.”

Khan is also credited with giving No ID his name. No I.D. is his birth name, Dion, in reverse. A rare house record (1015) he made with No ID under the name Dion & Tony has been celebrated with a high-profile reissue on a compilation on Rush Hour records. Subsequent releases as Great Weekend, The Twilite Tone, Master Khan, and other incarnations, have followed on UNO, Throne of Blood, Wurst, Do-Over, Brownswood, and more.

Known in NYC and around the globe as a purveyor of all things soulful, OP! is a talented DJ and tastemaker who can hang on just about any dance floor. From hip-hop, house and classics to future soul, UK funky and South African house, OP! can finesse them all, adopting musical diversity and focusing it into a beautifully cohesive vibe. Through his longtime associations with I Love Vinyl, Suite903, Raw Fusion NYC, Haven Loft Party, Okayafrica and Party People South Africa on the DJ side, and Dubspot, Decon, Cornerstone Promotion/The Fader and Studio Distribution/BBE on the industry side, OP! has been instrumental in shining a light on underground and global soul, and continues to champion its relevance on the world stage.

Host of the main ingredient on EV Radio and cultivator of positive vibes

Poised for a decisive coup d'état of the mundane, "G-YOUNG" aka "GE-OLOGY," drafts plans of global domination through aesthetic means. Declaring all out war on artistic mediocrity, his arsenal of ideas and creative weaponry is a testament of his inventive prowess. With art & music as ammunition, his advance through life's chess match has him destined for great accomplishment.

Back in the late 80's under the name "DJ Plainterror", GE-OLOGY was once the DJ/producer of a four member group "Born Busy" including high school friend, the legendary Tupac Shakur "MC New York"... uniquely cementing him historically as the only producer privileged to record Pac's very first and earliest recordings. And in the early 90's he co-founded the infamous "Dooable Arts" with Matt Reid aka "Matt Doo", through which he first made his mark. Since then he's become synonymously known for album cover art, T-shirt graphics, magazine illustrations and collaborative mural paintings with his fellow Barnstormers crew (a famed artist collective created by Davd Ellis aka SKWERM), as much as he's known for producing tracks with the likes of Mos Def, Vinia Mojica, Talib Kweli, Sadat X, Pharoahe Monch, Jem, Mystic or his remixes for Pete Rock & Grand Agent. Boasting international acclaim, one of his most recognized paintings is the Rawkus classic "Body Rock" cover featuring Mos Def, Q-Tip and Tash from Tha Alkaholiks (featured in Andrew Emery's "The Book of Hip Hop Cover Art" and listed at #3 in "EgoTrip's Book of Rap List" 25 Great EP, 12" & CD Single Covers section).

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