Mother Bunch, Brownish Black, The Inciters

Mother Bunch

Drawing from the traditions of New Orleans soul, hard gospel, and dirty nineties rap, Mother Bunch plays dance music with the narrative complexity of fiction. Take the southern strut of the Meters, the sweat and strangeness of James Brown, and then invite Leonard Cohen and Too Short to collaborate on the lyrics, and you might have something approaching their style, which bandleader Daniel Menasche shorthands as “sex gospel.” Menasche testifies in grunts, howls, and moans, while identical twin divas Christie and Darcy Bradley complete a call-and-response vocal style that builds to jubilee intensity. New Orleans native Kurt Hagardorn challenges soul legend Steve Cropper with his rough-edged, minimalist guitar work, while drummer Chris Lay and bassist Chris Friesen craft an underlying funk that’s impossible to resist. This show will celebrate the release of their debut album, “Dirty Theory."

Brownish Black

Brownish Black doesn't walk the line between garage and soul - they destroy it.
The Portland-based octet started out as a three-piece garage rock band, whose raw energy pulled a handful of the city's best players into its gravitational field, yielding bigger and funkier results with each addition.
Though loyal fans flock to ecstatically dance at the band’s shows, the subject matter of Brownish Black’s songs packs a heavy punch; tackling class warfare and casting harsh criticism on modern social and economic systems. And there are love songs. Nothing is heavier than a love song.
High-energy music going up against oppression is possibly one of the most striking similarities between the group’s two main influencers - underground Pacific Northwest indie music and soul. For Michael David - band leader and Detroit native - nothing seems more natural than fostering the growth of social consciousness and human togetherness through music.

The Inciters

One of the West Coast's finest Northern Soul bands – THE INCITERS! An overpowering 11-piece dance floor soul band that has brought the house down from LA to Chicago and all across Europe, releasing 3 albums to date on Grover/Elmo Records in Germany and " DOING FINE" which was recorded in Chicago and released by JUMP UP in 2000. The band's newest album, "Soul Clap" on JUMP UP was released February 2012.

THE INCITERS play Northern Soul music, a genre that originated in the north of England in the 1960s, taking inspiration from America's Stax and Motown greats like the Temptations, Stevie Wonder and the Supremes.

Northern Soul takes the Motown/Stax ethic but adds a stronger back-beat with more adventurous production, and THE INCITERS continue this tradition in grand style on their new 11 track album SOUL CLAP. With 11 members wielding drums, bass, guitars, a full horn section, and three strong female vocalists, THE INCITERS have no problem filling a room with the powerful sound of soul. The four vocalists — Betsy Jane Kniffin, Andrea Button, Aimee Gruber, and Jessica White Cloud — lead the band through finely crafted original songs as well as traditional soul music that will get you out of your seat and start to dance. Their choreography has an improvisational character to it as each of the singers cues off the moves of the others. THE INCITERS first formed back in 1995 and had a successful 10-year run before breaking up in 2005 – leaving behind a massive following in Europe that demanded their return year after year. In 2009, they got their wish as original member / bandleader Rick Kendrick went to work putting the band back together. THE INCITERS re-formed with some new, younger faces and picked up right where they left off. Right after the group reformed, they embarked on another successful European tour, released a teaser 7" single on Scorcha in Germany, and then got to work to record their comeback album for 2012 – SOUL CLAP!

$7 advance • $10 day of show


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