A Birthday ODYSSEY for Robin Simmons

Rick Preston

Although San Francisco DJ Rick Preston started off his career playing disco and funk in the early 80's, Rick used his experience in the booming 80's alternative scene to hone his DJing skills. Rick would be part of various nighttime gatherings in bars and night clubs, leading their nights with swooning tunes and industrial beats. And as the music progressed, so would his attraction to what would lead to an even bigger movement, House Music.

In the early 90's, Rick became involved with promotion alongside his frequent DJ gigs. Rick was helping put on club nights and raves in their beginning stages, when the underground was at its strongest.

While his DJ sets are mostly considered deep and funky, Rick enjoys taking the crowd on "the journey" in his sets. Therefore his time on the decks are not limited to just the deep/funky sound. Rick has a special flair for bringing together a multitude of genres which can include soulful vocals, disco, tribal rhythms, tech-house, some acid house, a classic track or two, or even a mind awakening spoken word.

As a house music producer, Preston's motto of quality not quantity has stood him in good stead with some superb labels, notably Glasgow Underground, home to Mateo & Matos, Romanthony, and Neon Heights. He also has releases on Viva! Recordings, Worship Recordings, AfterHours, Eight-Tracks, Kolour Recordings, Amfibius Recordings, Character Recordings, Freeze Records, Big Big Trax, and BCE.

Rick has also done remixes for Nervous Records, Amenti Music, Limestone Recordings, Motion Music, Housetown Records, Coastline Recordings, Blue Iguana, Bananza Recordings, and Mimosa Recordings.

Robin Simmons

Robin is an aspiring DJ, graphic designer and proud participant in San Francisco's fabulous queer nightlife community. He cut his teeth as a DJ in a blossoming 2001-2004 dance music scene in Santa Cruz at the tender age of 12 years old. At UC Berkeley, he taught the Intro to DJing class and was fortunate enough to play and participate in a variety of incredible and free-spirited events through the University's co-op system. In 2011, after taking a hiatus to work in marketing, Robin began throwing private parties in his own space in downtown San Francisco. His little loft party, Odyssey, was once an underground staple, but has moved into the safer and more commercial spaces.

Musically, Robin takes inspiration first and foremost from Larry Levan & the Paradise Garage. Dance music should shake you, move you, and release you back into your life fresh at the end of the night. Music should be without boundaries; bigger and more beautiful than any one category or format, and your DJ should be using their "voice" to deliver the most powerful and compelling message of humanity possible, telling a story of emotion and life with the music, bringing everyone with them on the journey.

Political, controversial, seemingly crazy, hedonistic, loving, but always passionate -- Robin hopes that, at the end of the day, he has left a message, and not a mess.

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