The Second Howl

The Second Howl

Despite vocalist Natasha's Jeanne's notable success early on in her musical career (including nominations for three Latin Grammy's, "Best New Artist", "Best Rock Solo Album", and "Best Rock Song", while signed to EMI) you are hard pressed to find her new Los Angeles based rock outfit "The Second Howl" simply reminiscing on accolades of the past. Instead you discover a band eager to let the new music speak for itself, as it quickly rises above the noise. 
Natasha and guitarist Alex Darren met in their native city of Miami and began collaborating in 2008 after recognizing similar musical tastes. The duo formed "Fancy Me Yet," but in 2012 decided it was time for a fresh start and moved to Los Angeles. Upon arrival, they locked themselves in their Valley apartment and began writing furiously. 
The Second Howl has since finished a batch of "no apologies rock and roll" recordings with producer Eric Lilavois at Crown City Studios and are gearing up for upcoming live performances.


Wistappear is an indie-rock group based in Southern California. Wistappear is currently finishing their debut EP set for a Winter 2013 release. The band consists of Ian Lipson (vocals & guitar), Evan Jiroudek (drums), Marcus Högsta (bass), Tiago Mendes (guitar). Though Wistappear only recently assembled, a sense of nostalgia and innovation permeates all of their songs and performances.

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