Twin Wave

Since forming in early 2013, psych-pop outfit Twin Wave have made quite a splash, with sets performing at the New Music Seminar, MTV’s O Music Awards, and NYC’s CMJ Festival as part of the Deli Magazine’s showcase. Following the buzz from their first single “Relapse”, Twin Wave look to release their first self-titled EP on December 3.

Derrick & The Black Sea (Solo)

Derrick and The Black Sea is the result of two hard rock musicians, looking for a musical change, coming together at the right time in their lives. After touring with Death in the Park, Derrick Karg took time away from the scene to reflect and write, and found himself working on boats in Maine, as a deckhand. Being isolated in a small town in the winter of 2009 was just what he needed to clear his mind and get started in a new musical direction. At the same time , Richard Ruggiero, having played in the NYC new wave band Group Sounds, and after touring with The Fever, was also ready for something new, so the by the time the two met, the scene was perfectly set. After playing together for several months, as two guitars and a voice, they were introduced to James Yu, whose violin perfectly filled the sound, and their songs of loss and the fragility of hope took shape.

Desert Stars

Desert Stars dispatches its own brand of shoe-gaze psych-pop with intricately-layered instrumentation, lush harmonies and atmospheric guitar topped by Best’s dreamy tenor. The effect is reminiscent of the album we only wish Phil Spector had produced for The Jesus and Mary Chain: infectiously melodic, pop-eccentric, and deliciously lo-fi.

Glass Mansion

At the core of Glass Mansion are founding members Keith and Alan whom share a history having once founded a Post Rock band named Marigold. They've taken their once contemplative sound and added to that repertoire reveling in energetic, guitar rock. They met while working for a large instrument chain and bonded over their love of Bill Hicks and all types of music. Musically speaking Glass Mansion's sound sits in an area between modern indie rock and pop, shoegaze, space rock, english and american indie rock, post rock and 80's independent/alternative. This cross section of influences come from band members shared influences. Their recorded sound draws its roots from the raw but precise production stylings reminiscent of Steve Albini. Their E.P. was recorded in Williamsburg, Brooklyn at Dungeon Beach Studios.


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