Hubble, John Mannion, Diaphragm, Migrations In Rust, Yellow Tears

Featuring Ben Greenberg from Zs and Brian McOmber from Dirty Projectors.

The bespectacled local guitarist Ben Greenberg has always had a proclivity for harsh discordance, be it with the caustic hardcore trio Pygmy Shrews or the brutal avant-garde acts Little Women and Zs. His new instrumental solo project, Hubble, finds Greenberg maniacally noodling through celestial, finger-tapped riffs with little more than a guitar and a basic loop station. It's a touch more accessible than his past work, and allows his well-honed virtuosity to shine through." - The New Yorker

Yellow Tears

Active since 2006, Yellow Tears is a classic noise trio from Far Rockaway, NY (founders of the DIY experimental venue "The Red Light District"), whose creative inspiration springs from liquid and all the interesting sounds and visuals that can be elicited from it. Young but industrially savvy and impishly creative, their most recent release, a handmade 7" box set on Hospital Productions, includes a tiny "crying towel."



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