Freedy Johnston

Freedy Johnston

Johnston's songs are often praised for their literary quality – and deservedly so – but they also hit you on a gut level. Splitting his time between New York City and Madison, WI, Johnston is currently writing and recording songs for his next album, tentatively titled Neon Repairman. In an age where the internet has greatly diminished the power of radio to dictate artistic success, Johnston is poised for perhaps the most exciting stage of his career.

At this point, though, it isn't about destiny. Johnston fulfilled that a long time ago. Now, it's about joy – both for Johnston and his fans.

Al Trout

Kansas City born singer-songwriter Al Trout has worn a number of different hats over the course of his colorful music career. He's been a rock-a-billy crooner, a jugband jazzbo, a bawdy blues busker, and a gothic western balladeer. On his current endeavor, he dumps his entire musical past into one pot, letting all the flavors mingle, and then serves it up lone-wolf-style, as a bona fide one-man-band. Armed with a resonator guitar, a unique, foot-powered drum kit, and a sonorous baritone, Al Trout belts out his own authentic brand of mongrel Americana with vigor and aplomb.

Kris Harris

Kris Harris and His Musical Heresies play a good-time, hard-driving, light-hearted brand of original Honky Tonk music all their own.

$12.00 - $14.00


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