Jessica Graae, Key of Red, Prima Donna (PA), Sister Ex, Janet Bressler and Infinite Quest

Jessica Graae

Jessica Graae is a Delaware-based singer/songwriter and actor. She was nominated for WSTW's Hometown Heroes' Best Female Artist 2012 Homey Award. Jessica was a 2012 Delmarva Folk Hero contest finalist and a 2013 Philadelphia Folk Factory contest winner. She has been a solo artist in Wilmington's 2012 and 2013 Ladybug Festivals. Jessica has performed live on Graffiti Radio, Hometown Heroes and the 2013 Dewey Beach, Fall Community Arts (Media, PA), Collingswood May Fair and the Bordentown Festivals. Her song, "Wait by the Water" is featured in the 2013 independent film, "Yes, Your Tide is Cold and Dark, Sir." Jessica blends her classical training and folk-rock style to create haunting, soulful songs.

Key of Red

Their performance is melodic, powerful, intense. Original music that spans genres, defies categorization, and delights the ear. Nothing is off-limits.

Key of Red is Trini Lima (guitar/vocals), Dave Cotullas (lead guitar), Tim Keller (keyboards), Brent Tanner (bass/vocals) and James Torbert (drums/percussion), Paul Gumerman (lyricist, engineer, photographer, videographer, bartender, éminence grise & groupie)

Prima Donna (PA)

Prima Donna is a female fronted alternative pop-rock band from the Philadelphia area. The band features the song writing/guitar playing of twin sisters Gina and Tina, lead vocalist Kelly, Jeremy on bass and Dave on drums.

Filling a void in today's music, Prima Donna is a band of substance. Derived from pure emotion, the music offers something old and something new. Old as in old school, the song comes first, everything is built around the song. New, as in it has a modern, edgy rock sound combined with hook oriented pop that is different enough to be called alternative. But this band doesn't wear their influences on their sleeves and these days, that's a good thing, a stand out from the rest.

The band boldly made their entry onto the indie music scene in 2003 with their first full length CD, "Not Having Fun." The CD has received rave reviews and has been played by over 200 college radio stations across the country charting in the top 10 on many including, WIIT, (Chicago, IL), and KAOS, (Olympia, WA). It's also receiving internet radio airplay and commercial radio airplay on WSTW in Delaware. Prima Donna continues to develop a reputation as an outstanding live act. With well thought out arrangements and intense presentations, their shows are always exciting. The band has captivated audiences playing notable venues including: the World Cafe Live, the North Star Bar, The Tin Angel, Puck in Philadelphia, Kenny's Castaways and the Baggott Inn in New York. The band has also performed at the International Pop Overthrow Festivals in Philadelphia and New York and the Dewey Beach Music Festival and ChickFest in Delaware.

New music coming soon...

Sister Ex

Known for High energy performances , this Baltimore/DC
quartet wears a Spirit of ’77 heart proudly on it’s sleeve, with sly asides to the electric twang of Crazy Horse, glam and Gothic Post-Punk, fueled by the songcraft of Singer/guitarist Claudia Neuman.

The band’s sound has been likened to a mashup of The Clash and the Patti Smith group with a hint of Gang of Four and the Buffalo Springfield.

In 2008, Sister Ex first released their raucous, high-tempo sonic assault to audiences in the DC/Baltimore region and recorded their self-titled debut in 2011.

Neuman, guitarist Anthony Piazza, bassist Jeff Weslowski and drummer Johnny Black are currently recording a followup scheduled for release in late 2012.



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