The English Beat

Dave Wakeling is a hell of a nice guy! Dave loves to tell you the stories behind his songs, either from stage or after the show. Ask any one of the thousands of fans who have met him over the years and that's what you'll hear. Never mind that Dave is the singer/songwriter from two of the most popular bands of the end of the millennium, The English Beat and General Public, he's a stand up man from Brum. Whether it's the personal as political in How Can You Stand There, making politics personal in Stand Down Margaret, taking a stand against global warming as he did making Greepeace's Alternative NRG, or helping little kids stand tall with Smile Train, Dave has always stood for something.

Let's Go Bowling

Let's Go Bowling is the premiere Third Wave Ska band, hailing from the Greater San Joaquin Valley. Since the band's inception in 1986, the band's traditional ska style, barbershop harmonies, wisely crafted instrumentals, and it's frentic live performances, helped set the standard for dress and culture for West Coast Ska. which in turn, set the groundwork for the Third Wave Movement in 1995.

Let's Go Bowling has shared the stage with many diverse musical acts, including Fishbone, No Doubt, Pearl Jam, Moe., Blues Traveler, David Byrne, The Skatalites, The Young Dubliners, Shaggy, Steel Pulse, The Violent Femmes, Busta Rhymes, and Third World.

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