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The Guests

Jam buddies Evan and Brian started looking to start a project they were calling 'High Guard'.

Evan comes from a background of blues-grunge music, listening to different types of genres but listening to his favorite bands Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Hendrix. Brian comes from a bass background of amazing heavy bands such as Primus and Tool; but also great funk bass players like Flea of R...
HCP. Brian lets his taste of music absorb different genres and styles of bass playing. After looking on Facebook for a singer and drummer, fellow high school student Richard showed interest.

Richard was the former lead singer of another local band known as Dead Obsession, which had his brother Jimmy and jam friends Dom and Bryant, currently of Reason For Madness. After seeing the Facebook post, Richard contacted Brian and Evan about possibly being the lead guitarist, already being the singer of Dead Obsession. Richard comes from a musical background of Punk, grunge, rap, jazz, dubstep, blues, and even folk. He enjoys artists that range from Opeth and Rammstien all the way to combo jazz bands. Favorite bands consist of: Pearl Jam, Cage The Elephant, Black Keys, The Who, Bob Dylan, Tool and anything Jack White (white Stripes/Racontuers) in which Richard gets most of his guitar playing style from.

After a long while of the bands failure to find a drummer and a singer Richard decided to take the role of vocalist for the band *unnamed at this point* he also asked his brother Jimmy, formally his drummer for Dead Obsession, to help kick start the band. Finally under the name of 'Death By Poprocks' (being a joke to the orignal myth of being killed if you mix poprocks and cola together) the 4 members played their first show at Smokin' Joes Bar & Grill summer of 2011.

After writing four or five originals and their show at Smokin' Joes Bar & Grill the band decided to change the name, feeling that the name 'death by poprocks' didn't capture 'them'. The final name was thought of at practice between Evan and Richard. Originally BAD THIEF AND THE GUESTS, they decided to knock of Bad Thief and keep the second half. The start of school (fall 2011) they played thier show at D-Note under the name of THE GUESTS.

As the winter drew closer Jimmy had to start getting prepped for the sports he would be playing over the winter. Luckly Richard had met Andy in the jazz band class he was taking at school. Andy takes his inspirations from bands like Tool, ska bands, metal, rap, hard rock, grunge, and other wide range genres. Equiped with a great sized drum set Andy brought character and humor to most practices. The band's next show at D-Note would be the first show with all four of the current members of THE GUESTS.

The band loves having practice together, filled with humor, arguing, hard work, and complex original song writing almost every practice is a creative one. The band released their first EP, titled 'The Guy In The Green Jacket' October 2012. They hope to soon start recording their first *untitled* album and have it finished by Fall 2013 , the album will include 12 original songs the bands has writen. The band also has thoughts for future albums. Having a habit of writing new songs days before a show the band song list is way past 20 songs and hope to have enough material to get a head start on a a second album.



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