Johnny Flynn

Johnny Flynn

Britain has a long history of producing bards and troubadours. From Shakespeare to Strummer, the nation has spawned countless tale-spinners whose words resonate with drama and humor, knife-twisting wit and unabashed romanticism -- a lineage that's been transported into the new millennium by Johnny Flynn, a South African émigré whose flair for blending folk tradition and decidedly of-the-moment perspective marks him as an artist capable of captivating at first listen and for the long haul.

The Melodic

English afro-folk-pop ensemble The Melodic will release their debut album Effra Parade this November 5th via Anti-. It is the follow up to the band's acclaimed EP On My Way. English newspaper The Observer described The Melodic as "Incredibly beautiful, with harmonies and rich instrumentation that make you want to dance and cry at the same time," while in the US the band has drawn comparisons to indie darlings Beirut and The Decemberists.

The Melodic are a quietly radical band. This is the first young English group to lionize Chilean neo-folk rebel Victor Jara since Sandinista-era Clash. Their new album Effra Parade was self-recorded in a sound-proofed bedroom in South London over several years with a baroque line-up of 18 instruments. All the more impressive when you consider they are still in their early twenties.

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