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Embarking on his career as a Drum & Bass DJ in 2002 under the alias Adroit he subsequently began writing and producing his own music in 2004. Cofounding MicroTerrorizum (Bass Music Production & DJ Crew) in 2005 he quickly knew this was the life for him. In 2006 after pairing up with Sluggo, together they toured the United States as UltraBlack for several years forming the American Dubstep scene. During this time, 50+ tracks were released; seven of which made it to vinyl and three tracks were nationally televised on NBC.

After parting that collaboration in 2010, and taking a one year hiatus, he came back to his home town of Phoenix, Arizona reenergized and ready to go. Grinding, blasting and twisting away at synths for four months he unleashed 24 new Dubstep tracks upon the scene. Originals like Informant Six & Compression were underground sensations later released with Filthy Digital under “This is Tankman EP”, with two other remixes. Needless to say The Tankman was born.

Emerging in year two as Tankman he has already performed along side Ak1200, Megalodon, 6blocc, Cyberoptics, Ruckus, SamXL, Lank, Dumbsteppaz, DLG, Pow Shadowz, and Bare. And prior to 2011 (as UltraBlack) with Excision, Hulk, MRK1, 12th Planet, Borgore, Babylon System, Evol Intent, PlanetOfTheDrums and Mala. Tankman’s second release was picked up by Wicked Sway & Melamin’s label Dubline Records as a Beatport Exclusive. Recently pairing up with Hip hop’s Pow Shadowz the combo team has already released “We Run This LP” on La Dubstep Nostra Records, and “We Are Rockerz EP” on Noctem Audio, with both artists charting in Dubstep and Drum & Bass genres.

In 2013 Expect a Unique twist of bass music with artist duo Svelt St.,
a collaborative EP titled "Slip Into The Dark" released date of
February 12th, 2013. In addition, two more works have been signed by
Noctem Audio of Los Angeles & Renegade Workshop of Alabama; A six
track dubstep, drum & bass compilation titled "Yerba Fresh" in March,
and a Club Destroying 4 track dubstep EP, "Mo Ammo No Problems" also
in February. Ending the spring and summer with a full length album
featuring various emcee's across the USA.

Tankman, aka Bryan Marek, has been DJing across the States solo as of late, currently unleashing his audioterroristic production skills to make audiences bounce from wall-to-wall. At the moment, he employs some of the darkest and loudest use of Dubstep technology in the American scene and represents a unique blend of hard Dub-Funk only similar to the Ultrablack days, if not a bit more polished.

Chris Vice

"Chris Vice is an often overlooked underdog that spends his time working on wonky dubstep tunes. Hailing from the city of Saint Louis, Chris has been hard at work since 2008 and isn't planning on stopping anytime soon. As part of the SubVandals crew, Chris has the ambition and motivation to take things to the next level with new sounds, new riddims, and an ever-growing stack of DAWs to make music in."

Has djed alongside: Hugs&Drugs, Mista Hyde, Herobust, TankMan (ultrablack), Kaillick, JPhelpz, Grimblee, Trampa, Soloman, Trollphace, Ganja White Knight, Kaillick, Skrillz, 6blocc, Pleasure, Phaded, and many more.

Danny Grooves

Born and raised to develop one of the best tastes in music ever,
with original flavor covering genres such as Hip-Hop, Electro, Glitch, Dubstep, Breakbeat, Funk, Soul, and everything in between; DG is a pop culture rollercoaster ride of hard-hitting beats, familiar samples, and skillful effects damaging songs from the fifties all the way to today.
With 13 years of music production experience, Danny Grooves has battled in competition, of both producers and deejays to prove that his artistry is unparalleled in style and uniqueness.
Warmed the crowd for many of the top names in the industry including The Cool Kids, Blueprint, Mac Lethal, EOTO, Crizzly, Wick-it the Instigator, Megalodon, Spankalicious, Grimblee, Mr. Vandal, Hugs & Drugs, 1up, Tankman, JPhelpz, Rusted Root, & many more.
and many more.

"Judges Pick" NorthCoast's 'Toast of the Coast' (Chicago)
Winner of STL Fresh Produce (2010) Production Competition (St. Louis)
Semi-finalist - Scribble Jam preliminary beat-battle (2008) (St. Louis)

DJ Support from Dirty Talk, Kraddy and others.

Radio support on:
Bass Therapy on WQNA 88.3FM (Springfield, IL)
The Freak Factory on The River 89.7FM (Omaha, NE)
Glitch in the System on KRBX 89.9FM (Boise, ID)
The Bassment on C89.5FM (Seattle, WA)

A production duo from small town Chillicothe, Illinois - Jesse King and Derek Masterson.

Hooplaa focuses their attention on collaberating their personal influences, life experiences, and enthusiastic energy to provide you with nothing but a top-shelf party. With their ammunition of fresh beats, gangster attitude, & deep drops hooplaa will create a dirty dance floor frenzy.

Winners of the Sonic Bloom 2011 Music Festival Production Contest and rewarded with the the opportunity to play one of Colorado's most premier festivals with some of the Nations most exclusive artists.


A Nanosect & Full Cardio Workout side project that will blow your brains out with bass

Part Human

Part Human is a producer/DJ out of St. Louis. Since 2009 he has quietly worked on developing production skills that will set him apart from the thick forest of producers and DJs that have joined the industry. He joined Killinoize Productions and took up the reins of DJ’ing in 2012 to help expose his sounds to the world. In a position ready for take-off, he has no plans of slowing down, having shared the stage with artists such as Liquid Stranger, Terravita, Run DMT, 1Up, Dirt Monkey, JPhelpz, Psymbionic, and more. Keep an ear out for Part Human, as his music will only diversify and grow in the coming years.

Sir Racha

I like to play music for people.

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